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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Denver Criminal Impersonation Attorney & Crime Definition

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Colorado Criminal Impersonation Lawyer in Denver – Faking and Pretending on Important Matters

You and I can be arrested and charged with Criminal Impersonation in Denver if we pretend to be someone else or a fake person and we do things which impact others who trust us and what we say. Can you imagine the person who pretends to be another person and in the fictitious capacity marries someone? For example, a man might have a long criminal history of trying to swindle women out of their money, so he assumes a fake name and sweet talks a woman into marriage. She thinks she is marrying a true love when in fact he is a swindler. That would be a traumatic event for the new spouse. Since matters like this have great importance to others and can have a huge impact on them, the crime of Criminal Impersonation is a class 6 felony.

What is the Definition of Criminal Impersonation in Arapahoe County and Douglas County?

Colorado’s legal definition of Criminal Impersonation, located at C.R.S. 18-5-113, includes:

A person commits criminal impersonation if he or she knowingly:

(a) Assumes a false or fictitious identity or legal capacity, and in such identity or capacity he or she:

(I) Marries, or pretends to marry, or to sustain the marriage relation toward another without the connivance (awareness) of the latter person;

(II) Becomes bail or surety for a party in an action or proceeding, civil or criminal, before a court or officer authorized to take the bail or surety; or

(III) Confesses a judgment, or subscribes, verifies, publishes, acknowledges, or proves a written instrument which by law may be recorded, with the intent that the same may be delivered as true; or

(b) Assumes a false or fictitious identity or capacity, legal or other, and in such identity or capacity he or she:

(I) Performs an act that, if done by the person falsely impersonated, might subject such person to an action or special proceeding, civil or criminal, or to liability, charge, forfeiture, or penalty; or

(II) Performs any other act with intent to unlawfully gain a benefit for himself, herself, or another or to injure or defraud another.

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Lawyer’s Criminal Impersonation in Jefferson County and Adams County Example

Besides marriage, there are many ways someone can commit Criminal Impersonation. Imagine entering into a contract, pretending to be a rich person. The other party would think you were fully able to perform the contract after checking “your” financial resources and credit history. However, the pretending party would not in fact have any ability to fulfill his obligations in the agreement. To protect people from this scam, the elements of Criminal Impersonation include entering into a contract while pretending to be someone else.

Defenses to Criminal Charges Like Criminal Impersonation in Colorado – Remain Silent and Win!

There are many defenses to Criminal Impersonation in Colorado. Most of these defenses are available if you do not give a statement to police when they contact you. We all want to try and get out of trouble by talking with police – but they are not fooled. They act nice in order to get you to give incriminating statements against yourself, then they arrest you. Be smart and keep quiet. You will be making it much easier to defend you when accused of the class 6 felony charge of Criminal Impersonation.

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