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Miranda Rights: Police Did Not Read Me My Rights – Denver Lawyer

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Are Police Required to Read Me My Rights? Miranda Advisement in Douglas County, Colorado

Police are not required to read you your Miranda Rights. TV is wrong. But, if they fail to read your rights, they can’t use the statements you make AFTER being arrested. If you talk with police before you are arrested, they still don’t need to advise you and they CAN use your statements in trial. Here is the reason police don’t like to advise you of your rights.

Why Police Don’t Like to Advise You of Your Miranda Rights in Arapahoe County, Colorado

Once the Aurora police do a formal reading of your rights, you are put on notice that “anything you say can and will be used against you in court”. You are also told that you have a right to an attorney and other rights. When this advisement is given, many people are smart and stop talking. They ask for a lawyer. Then, Littleton Police Officers don’t get to ask you any more questions. Cops don’t like that. Information on the Miranda Rights Rule.

Police Ask Questions to Get Harmful Statements by You – Jefferson County Defense Attorneys Know

Our Jefferson County defense attorneys have read thousands of police reports where police are asking questions. In Golden, Wheat Ridge and Arvada, we’ve listened to hundreds of tape recordings of police interviewing people. What have we seen? Police are not your friend and they are not trying to find out what really happened! They are fishing for your statements to strengthen their case against you. Now about 50% of you can’t believe this since TV has programmed you to think police are sweet and only want the best for you – you guys are lost forever. You are probably headed to jail or prison.

Why is it so Hard to Remain Silent with Adams County Police? Miranda Rights Say That You Should

In Adams County, Colorado courts, we hear case after case where the accused send themselves to prison. Really! They just can’t stop talking to cops. We still believe the police want the truth and want to help us get there. They don’t. Politics are such that cops in Brighton and Westminster want to get promoted and a pat on their back. They get this by making arrests and having successful convictions. So, they try and convict you. We have often seen police misquote our clients and say that they admitted to committing the crime.

Never trust police to look out for your best interests. Instead, be silent and ask for a lawyer. Then, call us at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.