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Crime of Violence with Mandatory Sentencing in Arapahoe County

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Mandatory Sentencing in Douglas County, Colorado, for Crimes of Violence: Attorney’s List

Some criminal law crimes in Douglas County are seen as so harmful and violent, that they are classified as Crimes of Violence and require a mandatory sentence to prison. Generally speaking, law makers in Colorado want to be certain offenders go to prison, and have taken discretion away from Arapahoe County judges to give a county jail or probation sentence. Here is the required sentencing under the crime of violence law:

“Any person convicted of a crime of violence shall be sentenced . . . to the department of corrections . . . of at least the midpoint in, but not more than twice the maximum of, the presumptive range provided for such offense in section 18-1.3-401 (1)(a), as modified for an extraordinary risk crime pursuant to section 18-1.3-401 (10).

Reconsideration of a Mandatory Prison Sentencing for a Crime of Violence in Jefferson County, Colorado

With mandatory prison sentencing under this Crime of Violence law, a person in prison under a mandatory sentence, can later ask the court to reconsider the sentence, after waiting in prison for about 90 days. If the judge finds that there were “unusual and extenuating circumstances,” the judge can grant probation or a lesser sentence. Making this finding can be harmful politically, as statistics are kept and made public. The idea is to keep a judge from reducing a mandatory prison sentence very often. If he does, criticism is sure to follow. At least 119 days must be served on the mandatory sentence, even if judge reconsiders the sentence.  Normal sentencing rules in Criminal cases.

Crimes of Violence List and Definition for Lawyers in Adams and Denver County, Colorado

“Crime of violence” means any of the crimes listed below, (A) when a person used, or possessed and threatened the use of, a deadly weapon; or (B) Caused serious bodily injury or death to any other person except another participant. Crime of Violence applies to the following crimes:

(A) Any crime against an at-risk adult or at-risk juvenile;
(B) Murder;
(C) First or second degree assault;
(D) Kidnapping;
(E) A sexual offense under part 4 of article 3;
(F) Aggravated robbery;
(G) First degree arson;
(H) First degree burglary;
(I) Escape;
(J) Criminal extortion; or
(K) First or second degree unlawful termination of pregnancy.
(b) (I) “Crime of violence” also means any felony unlawful sexual offense in which the defendant caused bodily injury to the victim or in which the defendant used threat, intimidation, or force against the victim.

Crimes of violence have aroused a strong public outcry and mandatory sentencing. Lawmakers have sought to meet this outrage with stiff prison sentences. Call the best criminal defense lawyers at 303-731-0719, if you are charged with one of these crimes. Together, we can protect your family.