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Prostitution Public Nuisance – Car Confiscation in Denver

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Public Nuisance Law in Denver – An Attorney’s View

Denver has the practice of setting up prostitution stings for profit. It is no longer about getting “Johns” or prostitutes off the street. Now, the City of Denver has found a way to profit from the violation of a law. For anyone who approaches their pretty officer posting as a prostitute, the City takes their car and sells it for profit. Denver Public Nuisance Law.

Public Nuisance of Prostitution Definition in Denver Courts, D.R.M.C. 37-1

With the stated objective of stopping any public nuisance for the protection of the health and welfare of citizens, this law goes far beyond its purpose.  Here is some of what’s included:

Class One Public Nuisance: Any parcel of real property, personal property, or motor vehicle on or in which any of the following illegal activity occurs: Prostitution, 18-7-201, C.R.S.; soliciting for prostitution, 18-7-202, C.R.S.; pandering, 18-7-203, C.R.S.; keeping a place of prostitution, 18-7-204, C.R.S.; or pimping, 18-7-206, C.R.S.

Under this City and County of Denver law, if you are involved in any aspect of prostitution, your house or car will be taken – seized – and then sold for profit to the City.

Automobile Confiscation in Denver: Overkill of a Bad Law Known as Denver Nuisance Abatement

Denver’s Public Nuisance law is supposed to be for the protection, health and welfare of citizens. Instead, it has morphed into a money making enterprise, where, under a large list of illegal conduct like prostitution, gambling, vehicular eluding and indecent exposure, you are subject to real and personal property confiscation. Labeled “abatement”, the taking of someone’s car or house is simply not needed to protect the public. What happened to the deterrent effect of an arrest, criminal charges, jail and fines? It works. But, the government of Denver (and the State of Colorado) has found confiscation of property profitable. Profit is not the purpose of government.

Public Nuisance Abatement Lawyer in Denver

Our Public Nuisance Abatement attorneys have some options so you may not lose your house, car or business. Deadlines exist, so don’t delay. When you have been served a Summons or Complaint for a Public Nuisance, call us at 303-731-0719, to start the process of protecting you and your property. Together, we can protect your future.