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Passwords to Police is a Big No – No | Arapahoe County Defense Lawyer

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Passwords: Don’t Give to Police in Arapahoe County, Aurora or Littleton

Many crimes today occur through the use of technology devices like cell phones, tablets, PC computers and Mac computers. Whether your alleged crime involves unlawful sexual conduct, harassment by text or an economic theft crime, police want access to your electronic device to convict you. So, never give police access to your computer or cell phone – even when they start giving you threats or promises. Police lie. Police Officer Mindset and Motivation.

Giving Your Cell Phone Password to Police | Douglas County Defense Attorney’s Experience

You may remember a recent news story about a terrorist who had an Apple cell phone the FBI could not get into. It was news because Apple refused to give law enforcement a passcode to get into the phone. Apple was smart – you should be too. Police in Douglas County never want to get into a computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone to help you. Sure, they will act like it is for your benefit so they can trick you into giving them your password. In reality, I can’t imagine any circumstance where it will assist you to provide this important information. Make police get a search warrant.

Brighton and Thornton Police Want Your Password to Search Your Computer or Cell Phone

Cell Phone Data is a gold mine for police in Adams County. They want to search your phone for data to convict you. They seek out nude photos (internet sexual exploitation of a child), texts (harassment), documents (a money trail for missing funds), and a history of your travel. Did you know that anything on your phone is not really deleted because you deleted it? Until it is written over by your operating system, it remains written on your chip, card or hard-drive. So, Thornton Police give the phone and its password to a forensic examiner to download everything ever on the phone.

False Promises and Lies by Denver Police to Get Your Password / Passcode

Here is what we have seen police say in order to trick you to give your password: “It will help you get your phone back sooner if you give us the password.” “We will call social services if you don’t give it to us.” “We will tell the district attorney you cooperated.” All of these things are unenforceable promises by police. Police need this information to hurt you. Stand firm and get your case dismissed for lack of evidence. Are Police Neutral?

When police ask for your cell phone or computer password, just say “no”, and call the best criminal defense attorneys at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.