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Denver Patronizing and Prostitution Lawyer | Soliciting vs. Patronizing: What is the Difference?

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Denver Police Prostitution Stings for Soliciting and Patronizing Prostitutes

Denver Police are infamous with their prostitution stings on east Colfax. Lakewood Police prefer west Colfax. Whichever the location, attractive women stand on a corner looking available for men. Once the man stops, the woman officer leads them into conversations about sex, and they are directed to wait for the woman around the corner, where patrol officers wait. Prostitution and Solicitation.

Arapahoe County and Aurora Patronizing a Prostitute Attorney

Colorado’s definition of Patronizing a Prostitute is located at C.R.S. 18-7-205:

“Any person who performs any of the following with a person not his spouse commits patronizing a prostitute:

(a) Engages in an act of sexual intercourse or of deviate sexual conduct with a prostitute; or

(b) Enters or remains in a place of prostitution with intent to engage in an act of sexual intercourse or deviate sexual conduct.”

Jefferson County Sentence for Patronizing a Prostitute

As a class 1 misdemeanor in Lakewood, Colorado, Patronizing a Prostitute is punishable by a6 to 18 months in the Jefferson County Jail and a maximum $5,000 fine. This is the more serious of the two prostitution related offenses in Colorado. Information on Prostitution and Solicitation for Prostitution.

Soliciting for Prostitution in Adams County, Colorado

Colorado’s legal definition of Soliciting for Prostitution is located at C.R.S. 18-7-202, and includes:

“A person commits soliciting for prostitution if he:

(a) Solicits another for the purpose of prostitution; or

(b) Arranges or offers to arrange a meeting of persons for the purpose of prostitution; or

(c) Directs another to a place knowing such direction is for the purpose of prostitution.”

Douglas County, Colorado Possible Sentence for Patronizing a Prostitute

For this class 3 misdemeanor, persons convicted of Soliciting for Prostitution can be punished by 6 months or less in the Douglas County Jail and up to a $750 fine.

Patronizing a Prostitute and Soliciting for Prostitution are sex related crimes which have a strong, negative social stigma. So, be smart, exercise your to remain silent, and contact the best Prostitution lawyers at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.