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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

False Reporting and Falsely Accused Lawyer in Jefferson County Domestic Violence

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Falsely Accused of a Crime? How to Defend False Allegations and False Reporting
More today than ever, we see false reporting allegations against men in domestic violence or child sexual assault cases. Men do not seem to make false allegations near as much as younger women and girls. How do you defend these charges? First, you keep quiet. You just can’t argue your way out of criminal charges and every word you say hurts your lawyer’s chances of getting you off. Next, we look for untruthfulness and lying evidence from the accuser’s life apart from you. Her ex-friends can help with this. Finally, we look for inconsistent evidence. Defending False Allegations.

Falsely Accused in Arapahoe County and Aurora? Why is it Important to Keep Silent

To an Arapahoe County jury, the case is a blank slate. They don’t know anyone. They get educated on you, your alleged victim and the allegations by evidence from your side and the government. Police are trained to try and get admissions from you, to use against you at trial. They do not get paid to find the truth, but to get convictions. They are not your friend, so be quiet.

False Allegations in Douglas County: Lawyers Need Evidence that Your Accuser Has Lied

Douglas County juries will be impressed if you have someone come in and say that your accuser has lied in the past. Courts allow prior untruthful evidence to come in. Then, the jury can develop reasonable doubt that your accuser is telling the truth about her allegations against you. It is very important to try to locate witnesses who know her to come in and testify against her based on their experience with her.

Adams County and Denver Inconsistent Evidence for Use at False Reporting Trial

The third part of defending false allegations is to get evidence that the crime could not have occurred as described by the accuser: Prove that you were not around her when the crime occurred; Show that other people were around and would have seen the crime but did not; Establish that she has a motive and that the crime was impossible to commit given the description; and find inconsistent statements to prove false reporting occurred.

Denver Jury for the Falsely Accused: Rescue the Weak Girl or Woman

For the most part, juries want to rescue girls and women from allegations of sexual assault. You must give them a reason NOT to believe the alleged victim. Come in for a free meeting to discuss your defense. Call our criminal defense lawyers at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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