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False Allegations from a Witness – Lying Children and Adults in Denver and Arapahoe County Courts

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Men Falsely Accused in Denver and Arapahoe County Court
A large number of cases we handle each year are from false allegations and a lying witness. In recent years, the number from angry and vindictive teenagers has grown significantly in Arapahoe County. Generally, the false allegations from teens involve a girl wanting to get rid of a new stepfather, foster parent or teacher (the most dangerous profession – not police officers). In other cases the child is in trouble for breaking a rule, and when caught, they divert attention from their conduct by saying something radical like “uncle Bob has been touching me.” In most every case, she alleges some type of sexual contact. When relationships break up between men and women, the woman will falsely accuse their ex of sexual contact or domestic violence. Police and Denver district attorneys are willing pawns in cases of false allegations. After all, who wants to look bad not supporting a child “victim”. Read more about False Allegations.

False Allegations in Jefferson County and Douglas County Court – Be Careful Who You Are Near

I have quit caring about needy children more than my own freedom. In the past, I’d do things to support, teach and encourage kids. Now, I rarely do this. Let the Douglas County district attorneys mentor the needy kids. They have created an environment where kids in trouble know they can divert attention from themselves, or get someone kicked out of their lives who is holding them accountable. No wonder kids are running wild. Some women are simply dangerous liars and will lie to impose their will or get revenge on another – like an exboyfriend. The bottom line is that you must stay away from these people, or you will one day be falsely accused and facing prison. They systematically falsely accuse everyone they know and go to court as a lying witness. Once you hear them do this the first time, run, don’t walk, out of their lives. Eventually, you will be next. We even heard of a man accused by his stepdaughter because he would not buy her a car she wanted. Revenge is common and comes in many forms in Jefferson County Courts.

Revenge is a Powerful Motive to Falsely Accuse as a Witness in Adams and Denver County Courts

If a child does not get what they want, or if a stepdad tells a teenager she must stay home until her grades improve, men around her are just asking for trouble. No stepfather should ever discipline a girl in her teens – let her mother do that. Also, he should never be alone with her. Our defense lawyers recently defended a wonderful foster parent who cared deeply for a teen girl. He and his wife cared so much, that they grounded her when her grades in high school were near all F’s. Shortly thereafter, she accused him of sexual assault on a child to get out of the house. Even though 8 witnesses proved the allegation were impossible, he was convicted. Adams County kids want revenge and they want to move out of their living environment to a better place. Lying about sexual contact is a favorite and police in Denver and Thornton fall all over themselves believing any teenager who makes these false allegations. I regret that most juries can’t imagine why a child would lie – despite good evidence.

Kids Lie – Juries and Judges Believe Their False Allegations in Denver and Arapahoe County

Since kids lie so frequently, it is never good for adults to be around them unless you are their natural parents. For some reason, these kids still have a conscience and rarely lie about sexual abuse from a biological dad. Across Denver and Arapahoe County, Judges and DA’s support these liars as if they are angels sent from heaven. My guess is that they think it is politically dangerous to their careers to care about the truth and challenge a witness if a child is lying. It is much safer for them to just go along to get along and keep their coveted government jobs.

If you are facing false allegations by a lying witness and police want to speak with you, be smart, exercise your right to remain silent, and call us at 303-731-0719. Or, fill oout the Get Help Now form on our site. Together, we can protect your future.

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