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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

DNA Sample for Felony Charges, Arapahoe County Defense Lawyer

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Expungement of Your DNA Sample in Jefferson County, Colorado, When Not Guilty or Case Dismissed
Colorado continues to go overboard when a person is charged with a felony crime. Note that I said “charged” with a crime – not “convicted” of a felony. So much for Colorado lawmakers believing a person is innocent until proven guilty. Now, everyone charged with a felony in Jefferson County and across Colorado must submit to the taking of a biological DNA sample. Then, your DNA is put into a huge database to search in the event future crimes are committed by anyone. Read more on lawyers and DNA Expungment and Sealing.

Defense Lawyers Can Get Your DNA Record Expunged in Denver and Adams County: Protect Your Privacy

Our criminal defense lawyers can get your DNA Record cleared and expunged in Denver if you qualify. We will work with the government to ensure that your right to privacy is protected, by filing a request for expungement. Don’t let your private DNA information be circulated across the United States and the world, for comparison in unsolved crime mysteries. Mistakes can be made and you could be forced to defend yourself from further charges you had nothing to do with. How DNA Tests Can be Inaccurate.

DNA Sample Expungement and Destroyed in Douglas County Courts – How a Defense Attorney Gets it Done

Colorado law provides that when you are found not guilty at your jury trial, you can petition to have your DNA sample destroyed and the results expunged. Here is the wording of the law:

“A person whose biological substance sample is collected pursuant to section 16-22-103 qualifies for expungement if: (a) in the case of a sample collected based upon the filing of a charge or based upon a final court order, each felony charge stemming from the charges has, by final court order, been dismissed, resulted in an acquittal, or resulted in a conviction for an offense other than a felony offense.” There are other ways too, such as a felony charge was never filed after your arrest. Our criminal defense attorneys know all the law and can help you understand whether you can expunge your DNA sample.

We are advocates for a clear and accurate criminal and DNA – biological sample record. Don’t let the government keep your name and DNA sample in their database. It is simply too dangerous to be in the system and accused once again of a crime you did not commit. Call our DNA expungement lawyers at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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