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Pornography – a Powerful Addictive Habit – Men’s Accountability and Pornography Group in Denver

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Pornography Addictions Result in Crimes – Free Speech or Shackled Speech in Denver?

Many people feel that Pornography should remain legal. They set it up as a free speech issue. While we are strong supporters of the First Amendment, we are not so quick to say porn should not be regulated. Our opinion stems from the thousands of divorces which result from Pornography. It is based in the hundreds and hundreds of criminal cases we see where porn results in men and women involving themselves in sexual activity while under the spell of Pornography. It is influenced by the spread of STD’s, sexting by kids and sexual assault of siblings. All in all, it is on par with regulated subjects like drugs and alcohol. The damage it does to people is real. Porn destroys.

Arapahoe County and Douglas County Crimes Which are Based in or Related to Pornography

Our list of crimes in Aurora, Castle Rock and Parker, Colorado, which are rooted in Pornography use include:

· Sexting by kids

· Sexual Assault on a Child

· Juvenile Sexual Assault on a Child

· Internet Luring

· Enticement of a Child

· Sexual Exploitation of a Child

· Sexual Assault

· Internet Luring of a Child

· Unlawful Sexual Contact

Many of these crimes result in indeterminate Sentences to prison. Others require a lifetime of registration as a sex offender. All of them hurt innocent victims and the defendants involved. You need to break free of your porn habit before pornography changes the course of your life forever.

The Power of Porn – The Lie of a Better Reality in Weld County and Boulder County

Pornography creates a false reality to men and women in Weld County and Boulder County. Men think every woman wants them as they’ve lived through a Pornography episode. Following a powerful chemical release of dopamine into the brain of the porn viewer / user, the user actually believes that the sexual acts seen on the internet are real and socially acceptable. Pornography then creates a dependency on the chemical release and alters the judgment of the man or woman involved. Teachers abandon boundaries and have sex with kids and children victimize one another. Men attack women in sexual assaults and women crave the ecstasy seen on-line. The porn lie causes boundary breaking by the millions. Read about the Pornography Drug.

The High Price of Free Porn Exposed in Jefferson County, Colorado and Adams County, Colorado

Free internet Porn is anything but free. Once hooked, people will pay through the nose and go into debt to visit on-line sex sites, sex chat rooms, 900 numbers, strip bars and XXX theatres. They experience consequences of reckless sex, such as Aids, other STDs, divorce and criminal charges. Heart break spreads like a wildfire. We see dozens of cases of sexting, juvenile sexual assault and Sexual Exploitation of a Child. We hear of men and women having affairs, only to learn that this new relationship is built on a foundation of sand. Hearts are broken and the innocence of children is destroyed.

Men’s Pornography Recovery and Accountability Group for Men in Denver

Our law office hurts for all the children, wives and husbands affected by pornography addictions. We want to do something about this problem. So, we associate with a weekly men’s accountability and educational group which meets in the Denver area. If you are a man with a pornography addiction, and want to experience a new life free from porn, call Greg at 303-204-7573. Greg can introduce you to a group of men who struggle alongside one another. These men are serious about becoming better men, husbands and fathers. Join these men if you are ready for a change.

Pornography hurts everyone. Its offer of sexual excitement is short lived as life comes crashing down on its addicted users. Be set free. Together, we can protect your family’s future.

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