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Colorado Probation Sentence Lawyer, C.R.S. 18-1.3-202 | How to Survive a Sentence

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Probation Requirements are Not all the Same in Douglas and Jefferson County, Colorado

It is not easy to survive every probation sentence in Jefferson County and Douglas County, Colorado. To do well on probation, the first thing you should know is that not all Probation is the same. In general, it can be unsupervised, supervised, or intensive. Just as their names imply, these three broad categories as listed become increasingly more restrictive. Within the broad ranges mentioned, there are also specialized probation officers (POs) who deal with juveniles, alcohol and drug offenses, sex offenses, and in some counties like Arapahoe, they may specifically deal with veterans or those who are mentally ill. If a war veteran qualifies for this kind of supervision it is called Veteran Court. For the mentally ill, there is this court too. More on Probation Officers.

Sex Offender Probation is Called SOISP – Sex Offender Intensive Supervised Probation in Denver

I often tell clients not to celebrate too soon, with the grant of a probation sentence rather than one to prison. Sex Offender Intensive Supervised Probation (SOISP) can make Marine boot camp seem like a trip to Disney Land. SOISP probation officers expect strict adherence to many rules governing every aspect of the offender’s life. The consequences for non-compliance are severe. One of the reasons for the hardnosed approach, is because POs are entrusted with keeping the public safe. If a probationer commits another sex crime on their watch, the PO fears a news article accusing him or her of being neglectful of their duties. They could lose their job.

Douglas County Sex Offender Treatment Providers – Your 2nd Boss

SOISP also involves a treatment provider or therapist who provides therapy (reconditioning) for the defendant. Treatment comes with another set of rules and requirements. This includes the dreaded polygraph. While not admissible in court, there are painful consequences of failing to pass a polygraph. With this inaccurate and unreliable device, probationers for sex offenses are expected to prove that they are complying physically, mentally and emotionally with everything required of them. This is a nearly impossible task.

Adams County Probation Advice: Things to Remember While on Probation in Colorado

1) Don’t think you can outsmart your probation officer in Adams County. Playing mind games or trying to point out the hypocrisy of the PO will get you nowhere. You should respectfully remember that the PO has the power to make your life miserable or send you to prison.

2) For disputes between a PO and a probationer, the judge will always side with the PO.

3) The probation officer is not your friend. Getting too comfortable with a PO is a mistake. They will see this as a form of manipulation.

4) Special privileges rarely come. Don’t ask for too many. POs have many clients. Try to stay off the top of the stack of their files.

5) Probation officers don’t like risky probationers. They will quickly send you to jail or prison to keep their career safe.

6) Remember to stay grateful for what you have during your sentence, including whatever level of freedom you have.

7) Endure by remembering that your sentence will end someday.

8) Genuinely seek to learn what you can from your probation experience. Remember, your best thinking got you where you are.

9) Display a humble, submissive attitude and you may one day be recommended for early termination.

If you have been sentenced and are being supervised in Douglas County, or anywhere in Colorado, remember that you still have some legal rights. If you are facing a Probation Revocation hearing, you are entitled to legal counsel. Our advice is to never argue with a probation officer or treatment provider. Instead, call our revocation lawyers at 303-731-0719. Together we can protect your future.

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