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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

How to Prove You Are Innocent in Court? A Douglas County Criminal Lawyer Explains

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Domestic Violence Lie to Police – How to Prove I am Innocent of Harassment in Castle Rock and Parker, Colorado

How you prove you are Innocent of False Allegations comes to the mind of every man and woman after police arrest them and take them to jail. Once the shock of being arrested goes away, people need to start thinking about their defense. A good example to use in this discussion, is the common Douglas County domestic violence case where Parker Police arrest a man or woman because their spouse claims they were hit, slapped or pushed. This is called Harassment. Even when it is an absolute lie, you still have a chance of NOT being arrested, if there is no evidence. Let’s look at what evidence looks like in this common Domestic Violence case, and what you should do. Read also about False Reporting to Authorities.

Domestic Violence and Mandatory Arrest of the Innocent in Arapahoe County, Colorado

Normally, the case starts with a call to 911. Police arrive in all their glory to “save” the woman from the man. That is their normal belief after she calls. Whoever calls the police has an advantage, since they are the one who called for help and first made their accusation. Police are indebted to them at the start. This can sometimes change, but 80% of the time it does not. Once they arrive, officers will separate the man and woman, to hear their stories without the other person interfering. This is police investigation tactic 101. Next, officers will look for signs of a hit, push or slap. They will look for a bruise, cut, scratch or even red mark. If there is a broken item in the home, consistent with a story, it will help. Independent verification will tip the scales one way or the other.

How to Act During a Police Interview in Jefferson County – Be Quiet or Talk to Police & Prove Innocence?

We all have the instinct to try and talk our way out of trouble. But did you know in a Jefferson County Domestic Violence case, police are required to arrest someone? They are simply trying to decide who to take to the Jefferson County Jail. All they need is probable cause to arrest one or the other. A cute woman has a huge advantage, as police generally feel sorry for and protective of a woman. Officers will closely study the demeanor of those they interview. They will search for inconsistencies in each of the stories. They will look to see if there are any witnesses. Even one witness will tip the scales. In the typical he said – she said case, there will be no witnesses. So, it is to your advantage to be calm, well reasoned and don’t exaggerate. Police are trying to decide who to believe. Yes, you might keep yourself out of jail by talking with police if there are no broken items (a broken glass, a hole in the wall, even a tipped over chair), or physical injuries to your spouse. But, if there is even a little of this evidence, you will go to jail. And, you will greatly help police convict you by talking with them. The presence of any evidence of a physical fight will instantly sink you, if that evidence is supportive of the other person’s story. If she has a mark on her body, you are most certain to go to jail if she calls the cops. In this case, you must keep silent. Anything you say will help the government and make it harder to prove you are innocent. Don’t try and overcome the momentum of the moment. It won’t work.

Denver Criminal Lawyer | Why You Need an Attorney in the Adams County Court for False Reporting

Denver criminal defense lawyers sift through the evidence and develop a sell-able story for the judge or jury. We look to see if the evidence supports your guilt or not. We learn how to present alternative versions of what the alleged victim says occurred, which don’t insult the evidence in the case. If you are quiet, we have a blank slate to create a believable story for the jury or judge. Once you talk with the Denver Police, the slate becomes more complicated and any story we write must be consistent with your statements to officers. That gets pretty hard, since police ask the accused questions to close off defense ideas in advance. They know that a good defense attorney will create theories of defense and sell them to the Adams County judge or jury. So, they are trained how to close off those options for the defense by asking incriminating questions. Most of the accused we represent are not thinking clearly enough, nor have they been trained, to defeat police efforts. So, being quiet is the best strategy.

Call our fully trained and experienced defense lawyers. You need someone who knows court rules, is creative, and understands the burden of proof which the government must meet to convict you. Come in for a free consultation, where we can review the evidence as you see it and study the law. Together, we can protect your future.