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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Denver Criminal Defense Attorney – Why Hire One?

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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Jefferson County, Colorado – For Your Future

Many people wrestle with hiring a criminal defense attorney. They have a hard time deciding who to hire, whether to try and defend themselves, and trying to deal with all the collateral issues of being charged with a crime. Let’s talk about each of these in an effort to better prepare you for the big decisions you must make.

Who to Hire as Your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Douglas County, Colorado

Many men and women who call don’t know who to hire to defend them. Here are some considerations to guide you. Please remember there is no substitute to interviewing at least three attorneys before making a decision on who to hire. 1. Get someone who practices criminal law full time – not someone who divides their time with divorce, personal injuries and real estate cases. It takes a lot of time to be good in an area of law. Dividing your time to practice in more than one area leaves you 2nd best to everyone one else, including the DA. 2. Hire someone who has similar values to you. Get somebody who you like to be with and who cares about what you care about – family, church and work. 3. Don’t get an attorney who is too busy to keep in touch. Sometimes, really good lawyers are so busy with other cases that you feel neglected and out of touch. If a lawyer cannot call you back in a day, they are too busy (unless they are in trial). You can test this by simply leaving a message for the attorney to call you back.

Pro Se – Should you Try and Defend Yourself in an Arapahoe County Criminal Case?

Lawyers who specialize in criminal defense have years of training and experience. You simply cannot compete against a district attorney in court if you don’t have that training and experience. Now if this is a simple traffic speeding case, maybe you are ok taking on a young DA. But when your freedom is on the line, don’t “practice” law yourself. It is simply too complicated with hundreds of rules and procedures. Plus, lawyers who have been practicing a long time have seen so many cases, they have a ton of ideas to prove your innocence from prior cases.

Related Issues with a Criminal Defense Charge in Adams County, Colorado

There are many distractions when criminal charges are filed against you. Police believe the person who is accusing you of a crime – even without much evidence. This is frustrating. And, even if you are not convicted, you still must pay money and sit in jail. Here are some of the difficult challenges of being charged with a crime in Colorado:

1. Bonding out of Jail in Denver County

Most Denver courts require a charged person to Bond out of jail after being arrested. While being arrested is tough and humbling, getting out of jail can be hard if you don’t have much money. You may need a bondsman or someone to post a cash bond. This is hard to do if you are locked up. How can you make several phone calls? How can you get to your bank to withdraw money? A lawyer can help you contact family and friends and a bondsman from jail.

2. Protection Order Trouble in Brighton and Northglenn

Protection Orders prevent you from going home, calling a loved one (alleged victim), or seeing your kids (child abuse and child sex cases). In Brighton and Northglenn, they can even prevent you from going to work if your accuser works where you do. Your defense lawyer can ask the court to modify your protection order so you can function in life once you get out of custody in jail the county jail.

3. Possible Prison or Douglas County Jail Sentence in Parker and Castle Rock, Colorado

Facing Prison or a County Jail Sentence is stressful. You could be locked up for something you did not do – but get falsely convicted. A good Castle Rock and Parker defense lawyer can tell you the best way to avoid jail and the possibility you might be convicted.

4. Conviction for a Crime in Lakewood or Arvada Colorado

A Conviction for a crime is always a possibility in criminal cases. This can give you a criminal record so that your employer fires you, you can’t rent a home or apartment and people think less of you. We can help prevent a conviction through our knowledge of the criminal justice system.

5. Treatment Requirements from a Criminal Conviction in Aurora or Arapahoe County

People convicted of a crime are required to get fixed. Really! If the Arapahoe County judge or DA thinks alcohol played a role in your case, they will have you do alcohol treatment. If domestic violence is involved, you will need to do domestic violence classes. If anger was involved, you will need to do anger management classes. With these and more areas, the idea is to “fix” you so that you don’t reoffend. And, to keep these government people happy, you need to give them something to “fix” about you, or they will never be satisfied in letting you go. Really – they must have proof to their bosses that they did something to make you a safer person. If not, and you later reoffend, they will be partly to blame and can lose their job. So, be humble and lead them to an area where you can be fixed. Then, do the treatment and make them happy. They don’t care if you are too busy or if you feel there is nothing wrong with you.

We are full time criminal defense lawyers committed to your freedom and a clean criminal record. Call our attorneys at 303-731-0719 today. Together, we can protect your future.

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