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Probation Violation Lawyer & Probation Revocation Attorney in Denver and Jefferson County

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Denver Probation Violations and Revocation Hearings Attorney – You Could Be Resentenced

When your probation officer alleges that you have not kept the terms and conditions of your probation, you will likely be arrested, forced to post a bond, and be scheduled for a revocation hearing. If you lose the hearing, you will be resented. At this second sentencing, you will face possible prison, Denver County Jail time, a work release sentence, community corrections or reinstatment of probation. Yes, you can be resentenced to probation after it is revoked.  Read how Probation normally works.

Violating Probation or Probation Violation in Jefferson County – What Does This Mean?

You do not have to commit a new crime to be accused of violating your probation by your officer. You can have a Petition to Revoke Probation filed against you if you:

· show up late or miss probation officer appointments,

· fail one or more UAs, or have hot UA’s reported on your SCRAM device,

· not pay your costs and fines,

· not pay your restitution as ordered by the judge

· violate your protection order,

· get charged with a new crime,

· fail to progress in treatment,

· violate GPS ankle monitor parameters of where you cannot go,

· drink alcohol or use drugs,

· possess a firearm,

· not complete or progress with anger management classes or counseling,

· not complete community service hours,

· failure to register as a sex offender (if a sex offense),

· changing your address without permission of probation.

At your revocation hearing, if the judge finds you failed to meet one of the terms as orderd, you will be revoked. The Petition to Revoke Probation will specify what your officer is accusing you of not doing.

Top Douglas County Probation Violation Lawyer – How we Work

When you are facing a Douglas County judge in Castle Rock for your Probation Complaint or Petition to Revoke Probation, you need someone on your side who knows the court system. Our lawyers practice criminal defense full time. We know how to analyze a Petition to Revoke and get to the heart of the matter. Our attorneys have defended many men and women at their hearing. We know how to win. If your case is clearly not winnable due to multiple violations, we know how to work with probation officers and what they want. We negotiate with District Attorneys regarding any new sentence and strive to protect your job, home and family. Don’t give up! Get quality help.

Early Termination of Probation Attorney in Adams County – Is This Possible?

Terminating your probation early is possible, under some circumstances. At a minimum, you must have finished all court ordered requirements. Consent of the District Attorney is helpful, but not necessary in most cases. You need to consider what the judge and DA want before asking for early termination. The most important thing they want is to have some assurances that you will not reoffend. We give this to them through your criminal history, the seriousness of your offense, professional evaluations and recommendations, and your progress in treatment. Showing a willingness to address any underlying problems which contributed to your crime is essential.

When facing a Complaint to Revoke Probation, our top Denver area criminal defense lawyers can save you from jail time, a prison sentence or extended probation. Never admit that you violated your probation, but call us instead. We can be reached 24/7 at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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