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Hiring a Sexual Assault Attorney, Sexual Assault Lawyer in Denver and Across Colorado

| Jul 2, 2016 | Sexual Assault |


How to Hire a Lawyer for Sexual Assault Charges in Denver

A Denver Sexual Assault Attorney must do three things well if he or she is to be your lawyer:

Your Arapahoe County Attorney for Sexual Assault Charges Must Care About You and Your Family

A genuine concern can be felt during your interview. If the lawyer does not raise family concerns and an interest in how the sexual assault case will affect you – raise the subject yourself. See how he or she notices the issue and what statements they make of concern. Your potential Arapahoe County lawyer should not ignore how this case can affect your employment, relationship with your spouse, and your relationship with children. These allegations change everything and your criminal defense lawyer should care.

Your Sexual Assault Lawyer in Douglas County Should Know Criminal Law and Sexual Assault Law in Particular

Don’t get a part-time Douglas county criminal lawyer when the penalty for inexperience is your life. Most sex assault cases involve a life time (indeterminate sentence) in prison. You can’t hire someone with a divided interest in the subject. All law specialties take a ton of time to know well. A lawyer can’t be great at personal injury, corporate law, divorce and criminal law. After finding a criminal law specialist, find someone with knowledge of sexual assaults and sex crimes. These laws are some of the most difficult to follow and understand. Your new attorney should know the answer to all your questions about how the law relates to your charges. Things like potential sentence, sex offender registration and SOMB treatment requirements should be second nature to the attorney.

Know How to Take a Sexual Assault Case to Trial in Jefferson County

This requirement includes the ability to investigate the case, discover a motive, and sell the motive to the jury. Juries in Jefferson County sex cases are highly skeptical and assume guilt. This is worse is child sexual assault cases, but still bad in adult on adult allegations. Your lawyer for sexual assault cases must be experienced and know how to understand and address concerns of Colorado jurors. This is one of the most difficult type of criminal cases to take to trial. Read about the motive of saving face in Sexual Assault cases.

We have been taking sexual assault cases to trial in Colorado and Adams County for twenty-five years. Experience does matter and all we do is criminal defense. We have an excellent record because we work hard to fully evaluate your case and the motives of accusers. Finally, we care about you and your family. A loss is devastating and we never want that as an option. When you are innocent, winning is all we care about.

Call our sexual assault lawyers at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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