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Is Every Picture of a Naked Kid Child Pornography in Douglas County?

After 25 years meeting with District Attorneys, I continue to be amazed that some don’t read and understand the law. Many in Douglas County don’t realize that nude or naked pictures of kids are not necessarily illegal Sexual Exploitation of a Child. If they were, you could never take a picture of a baby running around without their diaper on. You need a case evaluation by an experienced lawyer who represents men and women from Parker, Elbert County and Castle Rock.

What Naked / Nude Pictures of Kids are Pornography and Against the Law in Adams County, Colorado?

The answer is those where the child is engaged in Explicit Sexual Conduct. In simple terms, that means some type of erotic act. Even though this is the law, many District Attorneys in Adams still file charges for the basic possession of nude or naked pictures. We have fought these DAs on this issue and most finally figure it out.

Are There Defenses to Child Nudity or Sexual Exploitation Charges in Aurora and Arapahoe County?

Yes.  Prosecutors in Littleton and Aurora, Colroado, must prove every element of Sexual Exploitation of a Child in order to convict anyone. While we must still consider whether a jury will convict simply because they oppose pictures of kids without their clothes on, most will follow the law. We have even had judges dismiss charges because a DA has not proven all the elements of their case by half time in a jury trial. There are even constitutional defenses to nude images and pictures. Did you know that child nudity, without more, is protected under the U.S. Constitution?

Computer and Cell Phone Forensic Searches by Denver Police – Never Arrested Until the Results are in?

Denver Police will often use a search warrant and search a house, computers and tablets. They take over your house until they find and seize every piece of electronic evidence, including your cell phone. But, they don’t arrest you. They wait until a forensic search of your devices is complete. Why do they do this? They don’t have enough evidence to charge you – yet. Always keep quiet and never answer any questions for them about what might be on a device or who uses it. The police are not your friend and are only talking to you because they want to get enough evidence to arrest you. Don’t help them by talking.

Jefferson County and Arvada Criminal Defense Lawyers for Sexual Exploitation Charges

In every Sexual Exploitation of a Child case in Jefferson County, Colorado, always involve an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Your constitutional rights need to be protected. Never stand alone in the courtroom against DAs trying to convict you. We know the law and we are on your side. You cannot do battle with them alone, since lawyers have years of training and experience in the courtroom. We can explain this battle in plain terms for you to understand and review your charges with you at a free consultation in our office. Come and see if you don’t agree that we can make a difference for you in court. You need a friend you can trust.  Read about punishments and sentences for Sexual Exploitation of a Child.

Whether you are from Gunnison County, Chaffee County or Lake County, you need a professional defense from a full-time criminal defense attorney. Don’t hire a lawyer who practices divorce, personal injury and contract law. We are worthy of your trust and will give you clear direction on how to handle your criminal charges of Sexual Exploitation of a Child. Come in and meet with an attorney by calling 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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