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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Juvenile Unlawful Sexual Contact Attorney in Denver | Criminal Defense Lawyers Protecting Your Child

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Juveniles commit sexual crimes like everyone else. They are not experienced at knowing how to behave sexually or in many other ways. As a result, children and teens are sometimes charged with crimes like Unlawful Sexual Contact in Jefferson and Douglas County, and required to attend Juvenile court. This court is somewhat different than other adult courtrooms. It pays to know how.

Juvenile Crime Lawyers in Arapahoe and Adams County – the Difference from Adult Court

When a Juvenile commits a crime like Unlawful Sexual Contact, they are arrested and brought before a magistrate in the juvenile court. Here, there is a prompt hearing to determine the detention of the child and to apprise the juvenile’s parents of the allegations. In most cases, a bond is then set, and the child can bond out. In serious cases, the bond may be very high and the child must remain in custody. The main difference in this courtroom is that the child’s best interests, and not punishment, is the primary concern. Punishment can occur, but that is not the priority. This prioritization is premised on a belief that the child can be rehabilitated and should be taught right. Once they learn the corrective lesson, they should be given a second chance. Adult court shows little interest in rehabilitation – punishment and restitution are primary.

Attorneys for Juvenile Unlawful Sexual Contact in Denver and Elbert County – We Care About Your Child

Children get in trouble just like adults, and they need quality legal representation while in court. DAs do not always look out for the best interests of your child. Your son or daughter needs the best juvenile lawyer at their side. Whether the case is one which alleges your child touched another child inappropriately resulting in Unlawful Sexual Contact Charges, or it is a case where your teenager sent / received nude images with another child in a sexting scenario (Sexual Exploitation of a Child), they could be labeled a sex offender for many years. You need to protect them, so they can prosper in life and not be dragged down with a bad label. We know the sex offender rules of the Sex Offender Management Board and what the court might be willing to do to protect your child’s future. Don’t let a court order them to register as a sex offender if there is an alternative. Protect them. Read more about Unlawful Sexual Contact charges.

If you receive a phone call from police that they want to speak with your child, politely say no and never give them permission to talk with your child. Their future is at stake, so call an experienced Juvenile lawyer at 303-731-0719 at once. Together, we can protect your child.

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