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A Denver Lawyer – Probation Officer vs. Parole Officer – Criminal Defense Attorneys Adams County + Brighton

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When someone gets sentenced in Denver or Arapahoe County, the judge has the option of giving a sentence to Probation. This can be combined with a short jail sentence of up to sixty days for a misdemeanor or ninety days for a felony. A Probation sentence necessarily involves a probation officer (“PO”). This is like the supervisor of the person under supervision – often called the probationer. Probation officers are given the job of ensuring that the probationer stays crime free, completes their community service, pays their court costs, pays their $50 per month for probation supervision, pay restitution, remain employed, live in an environment supportive of rehabilitation, stays in treatment and obey other rules. When a PO gets upset with the progress or behavior of the probationer, they file what is known as a Petition to Revoke Probation. Read more about probation officers and a sentence to probation.

Probation Revocation Attorney in Jefferson and Douglas County, Colorado

Probation revocation involves a complaint made by the PO who lists the alleged violations. People on probation are often rearrested once the petition to revoke probation or the probation complaint is filed. A judge will grant a hearing on the allegations, and if the petition is sustained, the defendant / probationer can have their probation terminated. Once terminated, the judge has available all the original options for a sentence, including resentence to probation, county jail time, prison, or work release.

Parole Officers in Adams and Arapahoe County – What is Their Job?

Parole is given to a person after they complete a portion of their prison sentence. Parole does not involve county jail sentences, but prison sentences, which are also known as DOC – Department of Corrections. Parole officers supervise someone after they leave DOC / prison, much like a probation officer does for persons on probation. The big difference is that a violation of parole is punished by sending someone back to prison, to finish out their sentence. Every sentence to DOC includes some additional years for parole. The government wants to provide a period of time for prison inmates to reintegrate back into society, and ensure they remain law abiding for a period.

Criminal Defense Lawyers and Probation and Parole

A good criminal defense attorney can help you if your probation is being revoked or your parole is being revoked. We involve ourselves in the process and try to get the complaint to revoke withdrawn. If this is not possible, we will defend people at their probation revocation hearing or their parole hearing. People on probation and parole should never admit to wrongdoing to their probation officer or parole officer. All this is evidence which will be used against you.

Call our probation revocation attorneys and parole revocation lawyers 24/7 at 303-731-0719. Never give a statement to police. Together, we can protect your future.

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