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Sex Offender Deregistration Lawyer in Denver

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Jefferson and Douglas County courts allow people required to register on the sex offender registry to complete Sex Offender Deregistration after a specified time. The time period calculation is based on the class level of the underlying conviction. Unfortunately, the time requirement for registration begins once the entirety of the case is completed – such as when probation ends or a deferred judgment and sentence is completed. The date you are sentenced is not important. The registration requirement varies from 5 – 20 years; the higher the level of crime, the longer the necessary time for registration. For instance, most misdemeanors only require 5 years of registration while some felony convictions have a 20 year sex offender registration until a person can apply for Sex Offender Deregistration.

Out-of-State Convictions = In-State Convictions for Sex Offender Deregistration

Someone who is convicted out-of-state will be required to register in Colorado for the same amount of time as someone convicted in Adams County. In other words, regardless of where the conviction entered, the person will have to register for the same amount of time. Courts in Arapahoe and Denver County can complete Sex Offender Deregistration from the registry for out-of-state convictions, relative to their Colorado obligations. We have handled many cases where our clients have been able to deregister in Colorado for a crime committed in other states.  Of course, this does not affect registration obligations in the state where the conviction was obtained.

Some Colorado Plea Bargains for a Deferred Judgemet Will Affect the Length of Registration

Colorado allows for people to apply for Sex Offender Deregistration once their probation / parole is completed. The exception to this rule is the time requirement for plea bargains for Deferred Judgements. In the case of a Deferred Judgement, the ability to petition the courts for removal from the registry begins once the case is dismissed. It does not matter whether the Deferred Judgement is for Unlawful Sexual Contact, Sexual Exploitation of a Child, or Sexual Assault on a Child. The Appellate Court in Colorado has ruled that once a case is dismissed as part of this type of plea, the registration requirement ends at the time of dismissal. As always though, a person cannot simply stop registering. They must obtain permission from the court first.

Don’t Stop Registering Until Allowed by the Court

A common mistake of people who are required to register as a sex offender in Denver and Adams County, Colorado is they stop registering before a court grants them permission. According to C.R.S. 16-22-113, a person MAY petition a court for Sex Offender Deregistration once their time limit has been reached. This does not mean that a person can stop registering as soon as their time is completed; they need to gain permission to stop. If you stop without a court order, you may face criminal charges of C.R.S. 18-3-412.5, Failure to Register as a Sex Offender. These charges can complicate your deregistration later, and result in further treatment or probation obligations.

We Can Help You Deregister

We frequently help people deregister in El Paso and Teller County and throughout Colorado. If you or someone you know wants to deregister, call us at 303-731-0719 today. Together, we can protect your future.