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Colorado Sex Offender Registration – Is it Really Necessary?

On Behalf of | May 8, 2015 | Sex Offender Registration |

Only the most paranoid have actually looked at the sex offender registry described at C.R.S. 16-22-103. This tool was touted as critical to the safety of citizens, yet it mainly serves as a tool of persecution. Grab a woman’s butt in the bar after too much to drink, and you are on the list for Unlawful Sexual Contact in Denver County. Peep in someone’s window for fun, and you are on the list for Invasion of Privacy for Sexual Gratification in Jefferson County. Walk around your bedroom naked and if someone sees you through an open window, you are on the list for Indecent Exposure in Douglas County. What’s the point? Click Here to Read More on Colorado’s Confusing Sex Offender Registration Laws.

Sex Offender Registration is Rarely Needed

Sex Offender Registration should be reserved for felony cases of sexual contact with real victims. Otherwise, it serves no legitimate purpose. And, it serves to persecute good men and women who have made a mistake, but pose no real risk to others. Why is it that our legislature has listened to the SOMB nuts who insist that any crime involving sex is a precursor to violent sexual conduct? Because our law makers are timid and worried their political ambitions might be compromised if they let their common sense oppose the “experts”.

Treatment Professionals and the SOMB Have a Bias

Registration of sex offenders who have committed more serious crimes in Adams County is appropriate, until they demonstrate a long-term change of course. That does not include life time registration. Why, for example, should a 25 year old man who consensually touches the breast of a 17 year old have to register for the rest of his life? After a period of ten years, and treatment, can’t we agree he is cured? Not according to the treatment professionals and the Sex Offender Management Board, who say this man can never be cured and should register for the remainder of his life. These professionals fail to see past their bias. They are the ones who want complete control over sex offenders, and make a handy profit doing so in Arapahoe County. Most therapists get paid thousands of dollars a year by offenders and want to protect that income stream. Did you know that the man who set up Colorado’s abusive sex offender treatment program and its no-cure philosophy is a treatment professional raking in tens of thousands of dollars from offenders?

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