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Why Jail Calls are a District Attorney and Police Officer’s Dream

| Feb 7, 2015 | Jail |

Inmate Phone Calls are Always Recorded

When our clients are in the Denver County Jail, the Jefferson County Jail, or the Adams County Jail, they experience difficult emotions surrounding their charges, their living arrangements and weakened family ties. Police and District Attorneys know this causes inmates and defendants in criminal cases to carelessly say important things about their case over the phone. As a result, they record every phone call from the Jail and save these recordings to use against the defendant – inmate later.

Time in the Arapahoe and Douglas County Jail is lonely and frustrating. So, phone calls are a great way to lessen the stress and connect with friends and family. The subject of the criminal case often comes up in these calls, and inmates think no one is listening because they don’t see someone listening. This false sense of security causes many men and women to talk too much about the facts of the case and provide the government evidence to use against them.

District Attorneys Listen Carefully to Your Calls – They are Important

Police, deputies and district attorneys will listen to the recordings carefully, and see if comments about the alleged victim, the incident being charged, or their conduct is mentioned. The recordings will be rewound and listened to over and over. Imagine the value to a prosecutor when a man in custody says about the alleged victim of an assault: “John deserved everything he got.” Or, the value to the district attorney when an inmate says, “I hit him so hard he’ll never mess with me again.” How about a crying woman in the county jail who says, “I slapped him because he said he loved that other woman.” Finally, a woman says to her friend on the phone, “I know I need to stop using drugs.” These statements are the equivalent of a confession of certain elements of the crime, and can greatly impair a defense.

District attorneys know the elements of the crime which they need to prove in a case. When the accused talks on a recording, it is extremely valuable, much like an interview about the subject. The DA will play key parts of the recording to the jury during the jury trial. When something is said in the accused’s own voice, it can’t be refuted or challenged during trial. It is the perfect evidence.

Our Advice? Never Discuss the Criminal Case on the Jail Phone

We advise all inmates in the county jail or prison to never speak over the phone with anyone about ANY aspect of the case, the victim, or what occurred. Only talk with their lawyer in person about the case. Since the person in custody has no idea what the government needs to win the case, they must be quiet. Many people in jail and prison are there long-term because of their statements on a jail phone.

Call our experienced criminal defense lawyers if you or a family friend are in jail and need a jail meeting. We offer a rapid response to the jail in order to educate our clients on the future of their case, and to remind them that their family and friends are looking out for them. Be smart. Be disciplined. Be quiet. Then, call us at 303-731-0719 to arrange a jail visit. Together, we can protect your future.