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Photo Of Kyle B. Sawyer

Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Don’t Shoot the Lawyer Messenger

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My clients want results and love good news from their lawyer in their Denver criminal cases. They want hope and if necessary, a miracle. The last thing they want to hear is bad news about their case. This includes news related to the evidence, the law and a likely sentence. However, in criminal cases, all the news is not good news. When bad news arrives or when client expectations are not met, all too often they shoot the messenger.

Should I ignore the problems of a client’s case and tell them everything is going great? This is how some attorneys and lawyers operate in Adams and Jefferson County courts. They get cases by telling clients they can “get them off”, even if they have not yet seen the evidence or talked to any witnesses. Only when the defendant / client in a Theft, Burglary or robbery case is being led off to the Denver County Jail or prison do they learn the truth – things were not so good.

Clients Need to Hear the Truth From Their Lawyer – Not Feel Good

I can’t do that and clients should not expect that. Do you know that each year I have clients fire me because they say I am too negative when I give them the straight scoop on their case? They have a bad case and I tell them they have a bad case. They look at me like I am their therapist and tell me they don’t “feel” good when they talk to me. That is not my role. The best attorney in Arapahoe and Douglas County should prepare their clients for the worst case scenario, and tell the client what they feel is likely occur once all the evidence is in. Only then has the lawyer fulfilled his or her professional responsibility to their client.

What Should a Good Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

A good attorney will advise their client up-front on the procedure of the case, the best and worst possible sentences, and reserve judgment on how the case is going to come out until all the facts are in. Any other course is unfair to the client, no matter how desperate they are for good news.

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