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SOMB Evaluation – Sex Offender Management Board

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Everyone Must Get an SOMB Sex Offender Evaluation

Everyone convicted of a Sexual Offense in our state needs to get a Sex Offender Management Board Evaluation, and complete sex offender treatment. This evaluation is completed by licensed or certified therapists and counselors, who have been trained by the SOMB and pledged allegiance to their programming. This programming includes the belief that sex offenders cannot be cured and that due to their dangerous and unpredictable nature, they must be contained. Containment is the #1 goal of the Sex Offender Management Board.

Evaluation Contents Which are Standardized

Sex Offender Management Board rules provide for standardized content in the report, including:

• Description of the present offense and review of police reports

• Family and relationship history

• Defendant information and victim information: including employment, medications, mental health, religious, hobbies, prior legal problems,

• Sexual profile and test results

• Drug and Alcohol profiles, including results of extensive testing

• Psychological profile and test results

• Risk assessment

• Treatment recommended

• General and specific recommendations

• Clinical interviews

• Initial impression of the evaluator

• Physiological assessment and testing

• Evaluation summary

These Sex Offender Management Board evaluations generally cost defendants $1,250.00 or more. Defendants are required to pay, or face prison. In fact, they must fully cooperate in the SOMB offense specific evaluation (sex offender evaluation) or face the threat of prison. Court’s justify this by saying that a defendant’s risk and treatment needs must be obtained and studied or the offender is a threat to public safety.

District Attorneys sometimes use these reports to determine the plea bargain offer they will make in the case. The Probation Department uses these evaluations to make their presentence investigation report (PSIR) recommendations to the court. Judges use these test results to determine the proper sentence to probation, community corrections, jail or prison (DOC). The SOMB evaluation is the opinion of an expert, whose opinion is relied upon to protect the judge and probation officer from any future criticism if the offender reoffends. It is the best indicator of future risk in a very unpredictable system. The report is very important at sentencing.

Improve Your SOMB Evaluation Test Results

Prior to meeting a Sex Offender Management Board evaluator and getting the SOMB offense specific evaluation, it is important for a man or woman defendant in a sex offense case to meet with our lawyers. We have an in-depth program to increase a defendant’s scores in the testing process. This program has resulted in more favorable results in categories like risk, recommendations to community corrections or probation supervision rather than prison, and reduced Department of Corrections time (when required by law).

Let our experience with SOMB evaluations work for your benefit. This evaluation will determine restrictions to the course of your life for several years. Make the provisions of this evaluation less severe. Call and speak with an attorney at our law firm today at 303-731-0719, and schedule a free initial consultation. Together, we can protect your future.