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Minor in Possession of Alcohol or Marijuana (MIP), C.R.S. 18-13-122

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With the legalization of marijuana in the state of Colorado, many people tend to forget that a person under the age of 21 years old is still unable to legally possess or use marijuana. Without focusing on the specific differences that apply to alcohol and minors, this blog will address the law pertaining to a Minor in Possession of Alcohol or Pot in Douglas, Arapahoe, and Boulder County and how an experienced criminal defense attorney can help your child.

Understanding Their Rights

Every individual has constitutional rights even though the person may not be an adult according to the law. This means that if your child is stopped by a police officer in Adams, Broomfield, or Denver County, they need to remember that they have the right to remain silent. In other words, they should not speak with the police. Don’t let them admit to having that joint in the backyard or that beer with their friend at the party. Even though they may have only had one and think the city cop at the University of Colorado, the University of Northern Colorado, or Colorado State University will be nice, they’ll always regret the decision to speak with law enforcement. Without their help, many times officers cannot charge a person with Minor in Possession of Alcohol or Pot.

Consequences of a MIP Conviction

Despite urban legends stating the opposite, the major consequence teens face with a conviction of MIP is not jail time or probation. Most young adults are hit in the pocketbook when they get a conviction for drinking or smoking underage in El Paso, Gilpin, and Clear Creek County. There is a law that states if someone has been convicted of Minor in Possession of Alcohol or Marijuana and then they apply for student loans, they are ineligible for subsidized loans. This can mean the loss of thousands of dollars in student loan assistance when they attend college. I know it might not mean that much to your 16 year old, but as any parent can understand, having thousands of dollars in assistance for college can make a vast difference in someone’s ability to get a higher education.

How Can I Help My Teenager as a Responsible Parent?

Make sure your child speaks with a lawyer immediately following any contact with police. An experienced attorney who routinely handles cases of minors in possession of drugs, paraphernalia, and alcohol will know how to avoid the landmines of the legal system. A lawyer will help save your child’s future and finances by getting them the best possible result for their situation.

If your chld is facing charges of Minor in Possession of Alcohol or Marijuana in Douglas or Prowers County, be smart, exercise your child’s right to remain silent, and give our attorneys a call at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect their future.