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Denver Police Officers – Renewed Calls for Transparency

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2014 | Police Officers |

It seems like every day when I turn on the news, there are new stories of police officers involved in misconduct or officer perpetrated violence in the Denver Police Department. [1] These problems are occurring so regularly that public trust in the police department is, rightfully, at an all time low.

When I first began my legal career, I had clients tell me that they were brutalized or that money was taken from their property by police officers. Then, the officers charged them with Resisting Arrest.  Most of the time, there was no way to prove the accusations. Moreover, because I worked with only indigent clients as a public defender, they lacked the resources to be able to pursue some sort of civil remedy. Unfortunately, standing silent while this behavior continues does nothing to change the culture of the uniform.

Denver Police Chief Robert White has responded to two recent officer involved shootings by promising a more transparent system for evaluating officer conduct. [2] Unfortunately, in a recent letter to the public, he fails to outline what that transparency will entail.[3] Instead, Whitman just generally indicates that the Office of the Independent Monitor and the District Attorney review critical incidents. In reality, without some form of citizen oversight, the system will continue to disappoint the public.

It’s just unfortunate that public calls for transparency in government are predicated upon instances of potential misconduct. In order for people to have faith in our police officers and be assured that they are properly apprehending people for violating laws and not acting in place of the judge and jury and meting out their own brand of justice, real transparency is required at every step in the process.

Most citizens may not be informed about how the criminal justice system works. As a criminal defense attorney, it’s my job to ensure that police officers and other law enforcement have treated my clients fairly. If you or a loved one have had your rights infringed by overzealous police in Denver, Jefferson or Arapahoe County, call an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you navigate your criminal case. Take the charges very seriously, as they can and will affect you for years to come.

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