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Social Services / Department of Human Services Trails Database Listing

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Social Services is now called the Department of Human Services in Colorado. Social Services had such a bad reputation that it was time for a name change. Each county in our state, from Mesa County on the west, to Cheyenne County on the east, to Larimer County on the north, and to Costilla County in the south, has a locally run DHS office. State money is channeled through the state Department of Human Services to the county level programs. Each county branch of DHS is tied together through the Trails database.

The Trails database takes the place of what was formally called the registry for the abuse of children. This registry listed persons confirmed by the county DHS offices of an act of child neglect or abuse. Serious and minor cases were listed on the database. Due to mismanagement of the database, it was disbanded and the Trails system was put in its place. It is not necessary that you have a Dependency and Neglect case to be listed on the Trails database.

Purposes of the Trails Database List

Now Colorado has the Trails database listing which is used used for employment screening purposes by hospitals, the nursing board, schools, the Colorado Department of Education, churches, child groups like the girl scouts, and daycares. Anyone with a legitimate purpose who pays a fee can have an applicant’s name run through the Trails system. Our law practice has worked for years to keep teachers, nurses and daycare workers’ names off the Trials listing.

How the Trails Listing Process Works

Once a county Social Services or DHS office in places like Arapahoe County, Jefferson County or Douglas County confirms a person responsible for an act of child neglect or abuse, they will send an Assessment with the confirmation to the state Department of Human Services office in Denver. Next, the state DHS will send the accused a letter stating they have been confirmed and will be listed unless they send in a Notice of Appeal to DHS. Once the Notice is received, deadlines are triggered and DHS will provide an opportunity for settlement. If settlement is not achieved by the parties, an Administrative Law Judge will decide the matter following a trial. Since deadlines are critical, it is important you contact our experienced attorneys to defend your case.

We work with good people like you to preserve your right to work at a job of your choosing, without the black mark of a Trails listing in Adams or Denver County. If contacted by police or a Social Services / Department of Human Services caseworker, always exercise your right to remain silent. Next, call our experienced Trials lawyers at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.