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Child Abuse and the DHS Trails System

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2014 | Child Abuse |

Most mothers would die for their children without giving it a second thought. Yet, good mothers sometimes end up getting charged with Child Abuse in Denver, Jefferson and Arapahoe County. How can that happen?

The Typical Basis for Charges

Generally, we see mothers charged when they act without thinking. The intentional abuse of a child is rare in our law practice. Let’s face it, mothers are busy and have a hundred distractions. They fail to think when they leave their sleeping children unattended in a car. They fail to think when they leave an object in reach which injures a child (hot stove, open flame, sharp objects). They fail to think when they drive too fast or when their child is nearby during a fight with a spouse. In each of these instances, mothers are charged with either actual injury to their child or permitting a child to be in a situation which poses a risk to the life or health of a child. No injury in necessary.

In Adams, Douglas and Park County, the crime of Child Abuse is defined at C.R.S. 18-6-401. Whether you are charged with a felony child abuse or a misdemeanor, it is a gut wrenching experience, as you fear people doubt your love for your child. In many cases, you begin to doubt your love for your child. This normal process is unfair and should be avoided. Most mothers charged with this crime love their kids as much as any man or woman not charged. Life just happens and circumstances occur which will never happen again.

Felony and misdemeanor classifications of this crime are usually based on the degree of harm to a child. From a class 2 felony for the knowing or reckless death of a child to the class 3 misdemeanor for criminal negligence with no injury, Child Abuse charges can greatly vary. Regardless, a charge of this type can result in jail, imprisonment, and a permanent record.

Department of Human Services Trails Database Listing

In addition to a criminal record, the Department of Human Services maintains a database of persons who have been found to be responsible for an act of child abuse or endangerment. This database, called Trails, is used for employment screening by schools, hospitals, the nursing board, the Colorado Department of Education, churches, daycares, and child groups. We can assist to ensure that your Child Abuse charge does not result in your name in this database.

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