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Courts Law and the White Elephant Gift Exchange

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Here is a Courts Illustration: This weekend, I attended a party where we had a White Elephant Gift Exchange. The rules were clear, so we had an orderly game and no one left with hurt feelings. I came home with a $15.00 Itunes gift card.

My friend Mike had the card before me, as we took previously selected gifts from their owners under the game rules. There was a limit on the number of possession transfers, so when I took it from Mike, I was in the safe zone. No one could take it from me.

Mike was not happy about losing the card. It was one of the better gifts at the party. But Mike knew the rules and he submitted to them, much like we must all submit to the laws (rules) which govern society. Our elected leaders in Denver, Douglas and Cheyenne County make laws which we don’t always agree with, but we know we must submit. Courts also have rules for how criminal cases function, including the Colorado Rules of Criminal Procedure and the Colorado Rules of Evidence. Knowledge of these rules, along with state law, is essential when handling a criminal case. Why? Because the loser of this “game” in real life can go to jail – sometimes for a lifetime.

Whether your criminal case is a small traffic or misdemeanor matter like Driving Under Suspension or Disorderly Conduct in Jefferson, Adams or Arapahoe County; or a serious felony matter like Sexual Assault or Theft, knowing the rules of the game is essential. Criminal defense lawyers have spent years learning the practical application of the rules to court cases. We don’t just know the letter of the law, we know the spirit of the law and how judges and district attorney prosecutors feel about these rules. We know the exceptions to some of the harsh consequences under Colorado law and how to “work around” some which don’t have written exceptions. When your life, job or family are on the line, there is no better money spent than on an attorney.

The law allows the pubic – you and me – to function in this crazy world. We can plan our day knowing no one is likely to cheat us, we can leave or family at home knowing they are probably going to be safe, and we can park our car in the parking lot knowing no one is likely to break into our car. The law allows us to set reasonable expectations for ourselves and others, and to plan our lives. While the law sometimes restricts what we can do (like when others in the game wanted my gift card) overall it allows more freedom than it takes away. In an orderly society there is predictability. With predictability, you and I can successfully plan how things will go.

We enjoy our work and know criminal defense well. We have spent years learning the court system, law books, and how to work with court staff, judges and district attorneys. If you have been contacted by police or think you might be, call us at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future in the game of life.