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Colorado Internet Luring of a Child – Dangerous Surfing

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2013 | Internet Luring |

Whether you are on a web chat, instant message, a phone call, or texting, one thing is for sure: talking to children under the age of 15 (14, 13, 12, etc.), is dangerous business. Why? Police all over the U.S. have applied for federal grants to “protect children.” Once they get their money, officers must show arrest statistics. So, Internet Luring of a Child predators in police blue uniforms begin the hunt for you. Posing as children hot for sex, police engage in explicit sexual conversations. You can tell who they are if you pay close attention, because in order to fulfill statutory requirements, they must tell you they (the “child” they portray) are under fifteen years old.

Officers hang out in ADULT chat rooms in places like Yahoo, trying to entrap unsuspecting men and women into describing explicit sexual conduct, and to make a statement “persuading or inviting” a child to meet for any purpose (not necessarily sex). This technique is a favorite of police and sheriffs deputies in Jefferson County, Denver County and Douglas County.

What Police Need to Prove in Internet Luring Cases

Often, these officers lay traps with screen names like “horny girl”, trying to excite men into committing Internet Luring of a Child in Adams, Arapahoe and Larimer County. Knowing the subject matter of the chat room pertains to explicit sexual conduct anyway, it is a short route to get the man to suggest a meeting for any purpose. Officers will then print off a transcript of the chat or other conversation (perhaps a phone call to firm up the details). Next, police move into location mode – trying to identify where the man or woman lives or works.

How Police Find Your House

Locating a stranger is not that difficult using the subpoena power of police. Once they get their elements for Internet Luring of a Child online, officers will determine an ISP and subpoena the users’ address from the internet service provider. Internet providers give out the user’s address and officers quickly show up to seize all the computers in the house. They take the computers to places like the Rocky Mountain Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory, where technicians search hard drives for evidence of the chat and photos of children under 18, so they can also charge Sexual Exploitation of a Child.

Working with expert computer forensic examiners of our own, our attorneys excel at developing defenses to this police misconduct. Bordering on entrapment, many officers get sloppy in their work and provide escapes for our clients. So, when contacted by police, don’t give a statement – just be smart, exercise your right to remain silent and call us at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.