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Probation Terms and Revocation Attorney / Lawyer in Denver

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People on probation are generally unfamiliar with their rights and should consult an attorney who can assist them with their case. More specifically, people should understand: what are the requirements of being on probation, what authority a particular officer has over a probationer, and what to do if served with a Revocation of Probation Complaint.

Probation Supervision Terms and Conditions

If someone pleads guilty or is convicted at trial of Theft, Assault, or Harassment in places like Denver, Arapahoe, and Douglas County, they will likely be placed under supervision as a punishment for that offense. Under this supervision, people will have detailed requirements of what they must do and not do. Some sentences will include an alcohol evaluation and treatment, mental health evaluation and treatment, payment of court costs / fines, monitored sobriety and even weekly/monthly check-ins with a probation officer. The level of supervision which will be required is based upon the severity of a conviction, any previous criminal history, and mitigating or enhancing / aggravating facts of a particular case.

In most cases, people are responsible to their officer for their behavior. Some officers in Jefferson, Adams, and Broomfield County will be stricter on certain individuals they are monitoring. This causes most people to wonder what rights an officer has over you while on probation. The simple answer is that the person can monitor just about any part of your life they deem appropriate to your case. For instance, if you owe court costs, they could limit your ability to travel, purchase a home, or lease a car. They could also demand that you not drink while under their control. The only remedy which exists for people in these scenarios is to contact a criminal defense attorney in Colorado to help fight against the probation department and their overreaching.

The Probation Revocation Complaint – Call Your Lawyer Quickly

The most important thing to remember is what to do if served with a Revocation of Probation Complaint. Court ordered supervision can be terminated for a variety of reasons. Some examples would dirty UA’s and BA’s, failure to pay court costs, missing officer appointments, getting a new case, or leaving the state / country without permission. If a person receives a Revocation of Probation Complaint, they need to call an attorney as soon as possible. Revocation proceedings happen quickly and a hearing will occur soon. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Larimer, Weld, and El Paso County will help a defendant stand the best chance of winning their Revocation hearing.

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