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Denver County Jail – Government at its Worst

On Behalf of | May 1, 2013 | Jail |

We frequently hear stories of great inefficiency at the Denver County Jail (Detention Facility), Denver Colorado. Today’s story is no exception, just worse.

Recently, a client turned himself in on a traffic / misdemeanor warrant with a small cash bond out of a Denver General Sessions case. We expected the normal government inefficiency. Instead, the Denver Sheriff’s Department set a record for taking longer to book and release one person, than ever before.

Our client arrived at the jail at 8:30 am, with cash in his wife’s hands to bail him out. What normally takes a couple of hours at other jails took a record 13 (thirteen) hours at the Denver Jail. Congratulations deputies – this is a record!

Lawyers in Denver are used to the Denver Jail’s inefficient booking practices, but this is ridiculous. How much time can it take to snap a few photos, fingerprint, and clear someone on the computer for other Arrest Warrants? Apparently, it can take 13 hours if you are really slow, and really inefficient. Government at its worst. On top of the time abuse, the jail only gave our client one roll, one piece of cheese and one piece of salami over 13 hours.

Someone’s freedom should be respected, not abused. Denver abuses people far too frequently. If it is not the Denver Police Officer who was convicted of raping a woman, the Denver Sheriff’s Deputy who helped a dangerous inmate escape, or the Denver cops who routinely beat people up (and then charge Resisting Arrest or Obstruction of Police), then it is the detention facility who can’t seem to process a person within a reasonable amount of time. And it is not that they are too busy. It is that they don’t care enough.

Government workers are supposed to be servants of the public. Instead, Denver has it backward. They hire unqualified people to be “quota” safe, disrespect citizens and have the mentality of the federal government. They should be ashamed. They should make changes. But, after twenty-one years I’ve not seen any movement.

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