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Out-of-State Sex Offender Registration / Deregistration, Colorado

| Jan 14, 2013 | Sex Offender Registration / DeRegistration |

If you are registered as a sex offender in another state and want to move to Denver, Arapahoe or Douglas County, Colorado, you should know the following: Colorado has a liberal Sex Offender Deregistration process for people already registering here as sex offenders for an offense that occurred in a different state / out-of-state. Essentially, the Sex Offender Registration / Deregistration process is similar to that of someone required to register because of an in-state conviction. Some of the major differences between in and out of state deregistration include the cost, the elements of the original or underlying offense, and whether the person has any other convictions.

In Clear Creek, Boulder, Larimer, and Weld County, there is an additional cost to deregister from the sex offender database for someone with an out of state conviction as opposed to someone with an in state conviction. The courts charge an extra filing fee of about two hundred dollars when an out of state person tries to deregister in Colorado.

The elements of the underlying offense also play a major role for your lawyer to evaluate in the Sex Offender Registration / Deregistration process. Colorado handles these cases by examining the statute of the other state to determine what Colorado sex offense statute most closely resembles. For instance, if the out of state conviction is for Indecent Exposure in a state like California, the elements or components of the Colorado law for Indecent Exposure should be similar enough to allow Colorado to treat the original conviction as it would a Colorado conviction for the same sexual offense. The name of the out of state offense is not what matters.

Finally, in deregistering from the Colorado sex offender database for a foreign conviction your attorney will check to see if you have any additional convictions for Sex Offenses since the original case. If the answer is yes, then you will need to have your deregistration attorney in the Denver metro area determine whether you remain eligible to deregister. If you do not have any additional sex offense convictions, then your Colorado criminal defense attorney should be able to help you file the proper court documents to start the process.

When it comes to deregistration in Adams, Broomfield or Jefferson County, an attorney who is familiar with the deregistration process for an out of state sex offense can help you overcome the hurdles Colorado courts may impose upon you or a loved one. So if you are trying deregister from an out of state conviction or an in-state one, call us at 303-731-0719. Together we can protect your future.