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Moffat County Colorado Bus Crash – Careless Driving, C.R.S. 42-4-1402

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TRAFFIC – A school bus crash in Moffat County Colorado on April 16th, 2012, is making news. Moffat County, Colorado, along with Routt and Grand County, make up the 14th Judicial District, which includes mountain municipalities such as Winter Park, Steamboat Springs, Grand Lake, Granby and Craig. An officer of the Craig Police Department said that as the bus driver drove the bus back to the garage after dropping the school children off, she rear-ended the bus in front of her before heading in a northwest direction into the field behind the baseball diamond. Then, as the bus neared the baseball field, it hit a light pole and ran over a chain link fence. The bus driver was injured and taken to the hospital in Craig.

Traffic Offenses and Careless Driving in Jefferson County

Traffic accidents in Colorado can have serious consequences depending on the severity of the accident. Most traffic accidents in Douglas, Arapahoe, and Adams County are charged as Careless Driving (a four point traffic offense), and the monetary penalties vary between Careless Driving that causes property damage and Careless Driving that causes serious bodily injury or death. If there is evidence that a driver was being Reckless, a conviction for Reckless Driving (C.R.S. 42-4-1401) in Denver or Jefferson County Colorado results an eight point penalty from the driver’s license. Likewise, if alcohol is involved in the accident, a driver may be charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI), both of which can lead to the revocation of the driver’s license. No one knows whether the Moffat County bus driver will be charged, or with what offenses.

Lawyer for Careless Driving in Arapahoe County

Additionally, traffic cases in Denver County and all over Colorado often involve the issue of restitution. If a driver pleads guilty to a traffic offense where the District Attorney asks for or reserves restitution, the convicted driver will be responsible for paying such things as damage to the other party’s vehicle, damage to any property (like the light poll, fence and bus in this case), and the injured driver’s hospital bills. While a traffic accident is unintentional in nature, the penalties can be harsh and unexpected if drivers are not represented by an attorney who can look out for their best interests.

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