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Adams County School Employee Arrested for Child Pornography

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2011 | Sexual Exploitation of a Child / Child Pornography |

A young man employed by the Adams County, Colorado, School District, was arrested on charges of Colorado Child Pornography (Sexual Exploitation of a Child). The Denver, Colorado, Police Crimes Against Children Unit initially notified the Thornton, Colorado, Police Department, starting an investigation two days before the young man began working for the school. He was arrested two weeks later, after a search warrant of his computer resulted in the discovery of images and documents.

Thornton Police investigators do not believe any of the Child Pornography involved victims from the suspect’s school. According to the Denver Post, the young man’s background check came back clear before hiring. The young man was placed on administrative leave from Adams County Public Schools pending the outcome of the investigation.

At times, people arrested are unaware Child Pornography even exists on his or her computer. Sometimes, with peer-to-peer websites such as Limewire, packages downloaded may include more images than the downloader originally sought. Once the image has been downloaded, it’s there on a hard drive until overwritten, and can be recovered years after it was “deleted.” Internet sex crimes can take place unintentionally, and when they do, the police may be ready to make an arrest.

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