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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Criminal Mischief in Greeley | Weld County Defense Attorney

by | Aug 13, 2021 | Criminal Mischief |

Criminal mischief in Weld County is an offense that involves damaging another’s property in Greeley, Evans, or Windsor. The severity of damage done has a substantial impact on the consequences. Factors that come into play are the item’s original purchase price and what the replacement cost might look like. Charges can result from a prank gone wrong, teenagers trying to have a good time, or acts of revenge. Contact a skilled criminal mischief lawyer right away if you’re being accused in northern Colorado.

Weld County Criminal Mischief Law

Weld County’s criminal mischief law prohibits vandalism throughout Greeley and its surrounding towns. Police will pursue charges if they believe you:

  • knowingly damaged the real property of another,
    • including jointly owned property,
    • or property owned in which another has possessory or proprietary interest

Destruction of property can become especially complicated when a romantic relationship applies. Damaging an ex’s belongings or destroying a lover’s property in an argument will lead to a domestic violence enhancement.

As prices surge on everyday items in and around our homes, apartments, and condos, the purchase price and replacement cost factors become even more problematic should allegations of criminal mischief or vandalism arise.

What’s the Sentence for Criminal Mischief in Greeley?

The threshold for criminal mischief to become a felony is $2,000 or more of damage. Figures under this number are charged as a misdemeanor or petty offense. A conviction of misdemeanor criminal mischief in Weld County can lead to:

  • a county jail sentence of up to 12 months,
  • a max fine of $1,000

However, when that purchase price or replacement cost reaches $2,000 but stays under six figures, a conviction can include:

  • a prison sentence of 1 – 6 years,
  • fines of $1K – $500K

If the damage done equates to six figures or more, defendants are looking at the potential of several years in prison and even higher fines.

Greeley Property Crimes Lawyer

Accusations of damaging someone’s property in Greeley, Windsor, or Evans are serious. Estimated values in these cases can grow rapidly and defendants need an advocate on their side focused on protecting their future. Just because you’ve been charged with criminal mischief doesn’t mean you’re guilty. Perhaps the property was damaged accidentally, it was an act of self-defense, or the damage occurred prior to the incident in question. Nonetheless, we encourage anyone facing allegations to contact our office right away.

We offer a free, confidential consultation where one of our strategic defense attorneys will carefully analyze your case, answer your questions, and recommend next steps in your defense. Our affordable fees and flexible payment plans allow defendants access to quality, determined representation they can count on when freedom is in jeopardy.

Don’t talk to law enforcement about criminal mischief charges – talk to us. 303-731-0719

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