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Enticement of a Child in Colorado Springs | Criminal Lawyer

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Enticement of a Child

Enticement of a child in Colorado Springs is a sex crime that involves inviting a kid under 15 somewhere with sexual intentions. Attempts to persuade a child to enter a building or room away from others can lead to serious criminal charges. Time in prison, strict supervision after incarceration, and sex offender registration are all potential penalties for child enticement in El Paso County. While this crime can occur in-person or from a short distance, online sting operations are common as well. Undercover law enforcement will sometimes electronically disguise themselves as an underage juvenile and message or chat with an adult, trying to establish each of the elements of this offense. Allegations of this nature require consulting an experienced enticement lawyer right away.

El Paso County Enticement of a Child Law

El Paso County’s child enticement law prohibits attempts to isolate minors 14 or younger for sexual purposes. CRS 18-3-305 defines the elements of enticement of a child throughout the state of Colorado. You commit this offense in Colorado Springs, Fountain, or Security-Widefield if you:

  • invite or persuade (or attempt to do either),
  • someone 14 or younger,
  • to enter a building, room, vehicle, or other secluded place,
  • intending to touch their private parts or have sex with them

Direct communication with a child or through another both apply to this charge. Even if the child doesn’t enter the location and no sexual contact occurs, enticement allegations can follow. Inviting young teenagers somewhere alone is simply not a good idea, especially via text, direct message, or email.

How Bad is Enticement of a Child in Colorado Springs?

Each child enticement case is different. Ramifications won’t always look the same. As a class 4 felony, a conviction of enticement of a child can lead to:

  • a prison sentence of 2 – 6 years,
  • fines of $2K – $500K,
  • sex offender registration (minimum of 10 years)

This charge increases to a class 3 felony if the defendant has a prior conviction for enticement or sexual assault on a child. This also applies if the child is physically hurt in some way. The prison sentence and registration period can double in these situations.

Attorney for Enticement of a Minor in El Paso County

Just because you’ve been accused of child enticement doesn’t mean you’re guilty. Our skilled sex crime attorneys have decades of combined experience navigating these serious charges throughout Colorado and are prepared for your unique case. Perhaps the invitation wasn’t for a sexual purpose, the child entered the location on their own, or they misunderstood your intent. Nonetheless, contact our office for a free, confidential consultation. We offer same-day jail visits, affordable fees, and flexible payment plans for those facing allegations throughout El Paso, Teller, and Pueblo County.

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