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Criminal Mischief Lawyer in Colorado

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Criminal Mischief

Criminal mischief in Colorado is an offense that involves someone knowingly damaging another’s property. Damage itself can come in many shapes and sizes. This crime becomes a felony when the extent of damage reaches or exceeds $2,000. Criminal mischief also applies to damaging property that you co-own with another person. Items ranging from personal devices to windows on a car or house can be involved in a criminal mischief charge if they’re damaged intentionally. If you or someone you know is being accused of an act of vandalism in Denver, Aurora, or Lakewood, seek an experienced criminal defense attorney right away.

Denver Criminal Mischief Law

Denver’s criminal mischief law prohibits purposefully damaging someone’s property or land. CRS 18-4-501 defines criminal mischief throughout Arapahoe, Denver, and Jefferson County. You commit this crime if you:

  • knowingly damage the real or personal property of another,
    • including property you own jointly with another,
    • or your property that another person has possessory or proprietary interest in,
  • in the course of a single criminal episode

It isn’t uncommon for criminal mischief cases to include domestic violence enhancements. If something is damaged during an argument or altercation with a current or former lover, a mandatory arrest occurs. Additionally, restrictive protection orders are put in place that limit communication and can even keep you from returning home for a while.

How Serious is Criminal Mischief in Denver?

Criminal mischief comes with an especially wide sentencing range, depending mostly on the extent of damage. Below is a breakdown of possible penalties based on the value of damage caused:

<$300 petty offense up to 10 days in county jail / max fine of $300
$300 – $999 class 2 misdemeanor up to 4 months in county jail / max fine of $750
$1,000 – $1,999 class 1 misdemeanor up to 12 months in county jail / max fine of $1,000
$2,000 – $4,999 class 6 felony 12 – 18 months in prison / fines of $1K – $100K
$5,000 – $19,999 class 5 felony 1 – 3 years in prison / fines of $1K – $100K
$20,000 – $99,999 class 4 felony 2 – 6 years in prison / fines of $2K – $500K
$100,000 – $999,999 class 3 felony 4 – 12 years in prison / fines of $3K – $750K
$1,000,000 + class 2 felony 8 – 24 years in prison / fines of $5K – $1,000,000


Experienced Criminal Mischief Lawyer

Far too many people face criminal mischief charges for incidents that were accidental. We have decades of combined experience fighting these allegations and are prepared for your unique case. Hiring a skilled defense attorney early on has many benefits and often leads to a better outcome. Perhaps no property was damaged, it was an accident, or the property value is being inflated. Nevertheless, contact our office for a free, confidential consultation. We will carefully analyze your case and suggest next steps. Our affordable fees and flexible payment plans make strategic representation a reality in uncertain times.

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