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Official Misconduct Lawyer in Denver | CRS 18-8-404

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Official Misconduct Lawyer

Official misconduct is a crime in Denver that involves public servants using their authority unlawfully. Whether to gain personal benefit or harm someone in Colorado, these trusted individuals are held to a high standard when it comes to their conduct. Official misconduct charges can range from a class 1 petty offense to a class 2 misdemeanor and can include jail time in Denver, Lakewood, or Aurora. All state, county, city, and federal government employees are vulnerable to this charge when misconduct occurs. Consulting an experienced official misconduct lawyer is crucial if facing allegations of this nature. Below we discuss official misconduct in greater detail and how we can help those accused in Denver, Thornton, or Westminster.

Colorado Official Misconduct Law

Colorado’s official misconduct laws prohibit public servants from using their positions unlawfully. CRS 18-8-404 provides the specific elements of official misconduct. A public servant commits this offense in Denver, Broomfield, or Centennial if they:

  • intending to obtain a benefit or maliciously cause someone harm,
    • commit an act relating to their office but that is unauthorized exercise of their official function,
    • refrain from performing duties imposed on them by law,
    • or violate any statute, rule, or regulation relating to their office

Police officers in Arapahoe or Jefferson County misusing their authority or resources for their own benefit or to hurt others is often considered official misconduct. Additionally, officials in Denver or Douglas County voting for projects in which they have secret financial interests is another example of these unlawful acts.

Penalties for Official Misconduct in CO

Each official misconduct case is different. Second-degree official misconduct is a class 1 petty offense in Denver. This can lead to up to 6 months in county jail and a maximum fine of $500. First-degree official misconduct is a class 2 misdemeanor with more serious consequences. Defendants in these scenarios face up to a year in county jail and a maximum fine of $1,000.

Colorado Attorney for Official Misconduct Charges

Official misconduct not only includes criminal penalties, but can also destroy a person’s good name and reputation. Sometimes jobs are on the line as well. You have the right to fight these charges and our experienced criminal lawyers in Denver, Westminster, and Castle Rock are the right people for the job. We solely practice criminal defense and do it well. Our decades of combined experience and impressive case results speak for themselves. If you’re being investigated for official misconduct in Denver, Arapahoe, or Jefferson County, don’t wait. Contact our office today for a free, confidential consultation.

Don’t talk to the police about official misconduct – talk to us. Sawyer Legal Group, LLC 303-731-0719.

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