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Disorderly Conduct Attorney in Arapahoe County | CRS 18-9-106

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Disorderly conduct in Arapahoe County, Colorado involves many different behaviors ranging from a simple public disturbance to fighting in a public location. Sometimes alcohol aggravates these situations, while others stem from mild road rage. Defendants often feel as if they’ve done nothing wrong, others were acting far worse, or the charges are exaggerated. Get in touch with an experienced disorderly conduct attorney today if you’re facing an allegation.

Things to Know About Disorderly Conduct in Aurora

Colorado’s disorderly conduct law is found in CRS 18-9-106. A person commits this offense in Aurora, Centennial, or Englewood if they:

  • intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly,
  • make an offensive gesture in public,
  • create excessive noise,
  • fight in a public location,
  • shoot a firearm in public,
  • or display a gun or knife intending to cause distress

With a broad offense such as this, losing your temper in public can come with some substantial penalties. Law enforcement isn’t lenient when it comes to public disturbances, especially those that involve firearms. Disorderly conduct charges can even occur during or after a protest if certain elements present themselves.

Will I Go to Jail for Disorderly Conduct in Colorado?

Disorderly conduct ranges from a class 1 petty offense to a class 2 misdemeanor. Conviction can result in:

  • up to 12 months in county jail,
  • fines of up to $1,000

However, sometimes judges will consider lighter sentences that might include probation, community service, and perhaps a class covering behavior / anger management. Hiring a skilled defense attorney can have a significant impact in this process and possibly result in a more favorable outcome for you and your family.

Arapahoe County Disorderly Conduct Attorney

A reputable criminal defense lawyer is the right move when facing an accusation of disorderly conduct in Arapahoe County. The earlier you contact an attorney to represent you, the better. Vital evidence exists in disorderly conduct cases that requires careful analysis from a professional. Perhaps you part of a protest and simply exercising your first amendment rights. Or maybe you were caught in a fight acting in self-defense. Nevertheless, contact our office for a free initial consultation. We offer affordable fees and flexible payment plans for those facing accusations throughout Colorado.

If you or someone you know has been charged with disorderly conduct in Colorado, be smart. Contact the strategic defense lawyers at Sawyer Legal Group, LLC at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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