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Menacing Defense Attorney in Denver

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Menacing charges in Denver and the metro area can develop when someone uses threats or actions, placing another person in fear of serious injury. Making criminal threats in Denver can lead to significant ramifications, especially in situations where a deadly weapon is involved. Earlier this month, a Colorado man was arrested on menacing, assault, and robbery charges after allegedly beating a security officer in a parking lot who suspected him of shoplifting. Charges of this extent demand representation from an experienced menacing defense attorney.

What is the Crime of Menacing in Denver?

Losing your cool and threatening someone with the intent to scare them can lead to menacing charges in Denver, and throughout the state of Colorado. C.R.S. 18-3-206 defines the behaviors of menacing in Colorado. Someone commits this crime in Denver if they:

  • by any threat or physical action,
  • knowingly place or attempt to place,
  • someone in fear of serious bodily injury

Additionally, when a deadly weapon is used the severity of the charge skyrockets. A key element in this crime is the defendant’s intent to cause fear of serious injury via their threat or action.

Can You Go to Jail for Menacing in Denver?

The ramifications of a menacing conviction are broad in Colorado. Ranging from a class 1 misdemeanor to a class 5 felony, specific elements determine the severity. If there is no deadly weapon involved in the threat or action, a misdemeanor applies. Up to 12 months in county jail and fines of up to $1,000 are possible penalties. However, if a deadly weapon is used a class 5 felony results. Punishment here can include 1 – 3 years in a Colorado prison and fines of up to $100,000.

Denver Menacing Defense Attorney

Making a criminal threat of any kind in Denver can lead to vast consequences, especially when you threaten to seriously injury someone. A strategic criminal defense attorney is your best option when trying to mitigate these charges. Key details exist in menacing cases that require careful analysis from Denver’s top defense lawyers. Perhaps your statements weren’t threats or you didn’t have a weapon. Nevertheless, exercise your right to remain silent and contact our office right away. We offer a free initial consultation, same-day jail visits, and flexible payment plans to make skilled representation a reality for those accused.

If you or someone you know is facing menacing charges in Colorado, be smart. Contact the best criminal defense attorneys in Denver at Sawyer Legal Group, LLC 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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