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Criminal Mischief Lawyer in Arapahoe County

| May 10, 2019 | Criminal Mischief |


Criminal mischief is a crime in Arapahoe County that involves a person damaging the property of another. Police in Colorado were recently asking for the public’s help in identifying a man who they believe had committed criminal mischief. The man allegedly caused several thousands of dollars in damage after entering a restaurant and throwing items around, while damaging equipment. Conviction of criminal mischief carries a wide range of penalties. Consequently, consulting an expert criminal mischief lawyer is a must when facing treacherous charges.

What is the Charge of Criminal Mischief in Arapahoe County?

C.R.S. 18-4-501 describes the conduct of criminal mischief in Aurora, Centennial, and Englewood. A man or woman commits criminal mischief when they:

  • knowingly damage the property of one or more other persons,
  • including property owned jointly with another person,
  • in the course of a single criminal episode

These charges can sometimes result from domestic disputes where former partners exhibit frustration with one another. Tempers can flare, leading to significant damages. The higher the value of something damaged, the more severe the consequences become. Additionally, with the sentence enhancer domestic violence added, detrimental protection orders apply.

Can You Go to Jail for Criminal Mischief?

Yes. Punishments for a criminal mischief conviction in Arapahoe County rest upon the total value of any property damaged in the incident. You can face penalties ranging from a class 3 misdemeanor all the way up to a class 2 felony. This means potentially a few weeks or months in county jail for the lesser end, and up to two decades in prison for the costliest damages. Fines can also apply in the misdemeanor range from $50 – $5,000 and $1,000 – $1,000,000 for felony convictions.

Can Criminal Mischief Charges Be Dropped?

Potentially. However, many times they aren’t and skilled representation from a criminal mischief lawyer is vital regardless. Details exist in each and every case that have the potential to make a significant impact on the outcome. Careful analysis from an expert defense attorney is the way to discover these intricacies and put them into action. Building a strong defense for our clients is our forte, something you need when combating law enforcement and relentless district attorneys. Help us help you by not speaking with police officers or providing statements of any kind. Instead, exercise your right to remain silent and contact our office for a free consultation. We will take the time to hear your side of the story and outline next steps that prioritize your best possible outcome.

If you or someone you know is facing criminal mischief charges, be smart. Contact the respected criminal defense attorneys at O’Malley and Sawyer at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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