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Juvenile Sexual Assault Attorney | Colorado Prom Season

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With prom season in full swing throughout Colorado, teenagers are preparing for exciting evenings with their friends and that special date. The last thing on their minds is a criminal charge of juvenile sexual assault. But should it be? Accusations of sexual assault, misconduct, and abuse don’t just apply to adults. Minors can face severe consequences that can significantly impact their current realities and future. If your son or daughter is being accused of unlawful sexual behavior, contacting a skilled juvenile sexual assault attorney is a vital step in protecting their future.

Sexual Contact Between Teenagers in Colorado

Our juvenile criminal defense attorneys often see situations where good kids are accused of unwanted touch or sexual acts. This can result from an emotion-filled prom night where a teen ends up feeling jealous, angry, and vengeful when their date runs off with another classmate. On occasion, a teen might also consent to something that evening that goes too far or becomes uncomfortable, leaving a pit of regret in their stomach after the fact. All it takes is one mention of sexual assault to a parent or friend, and law enforcement can get involved quickly. A situation that initially included consent can turn into accusation after accusation. Embellishment is not uncommon and can unfortunately doom the other side.

Consent and Consensual Contact | Colorado Teens

If the two minors involved are within 4 years of one another, consent can certainly help with most accusations. However, teens will often change their story out of embarrassment, a sense of being “caught,” or feeling pressure from an adult (such as a parent, older sibling, or even a police officer). This is a critical stage in any juvenile sexual assault accusation where the tone can change from “we were” to “he or she made me.” Once an investigation reaches this point, your child can be charged with a crime.

Attorney for Juvenile Sex Crimes in Colorado

If your son or daughter admits to having sexual contact with someone who is accusing them, the next step is to contact a capable criminal defense attorney. The consequences of being adjudicated are too severe to hesitate in acquiring representation. Additionally, be sure that your son or daughter doesn’t speak with law enforcement or provide statements to friends (especially via text, direct message, or social media posts). Whether your child was falsely accused, made a mistake out of simple curiosity, or made a poor choice, their future is important and needs to be protected. Contact our office for a free consultation where we will carefully analyze your child’s case and outline the steps to their best possible outcome.

If you child is being accused of a sex crime, be smart. Contact the aggressive criminal defense attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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