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Firearms Rights in Jefferson County, Colorado

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We fight to protect the firearms rights of our clients in Jefferson County and throughout Colorado. With every gun crime in the news comes a heated debate surrounding citizen’s rights to possess firearms. The government has and will continue to make an effort to block clearly stated 2nd Amendment rights. It is important to contact a skilled defense attorney if your gun rights are being jeopardized by the police.

Firearm Possession in Lakewood

Domestic Violence charges and convictions, past or present, completely alter your ability to carry a gun. Both Federal and State laws jeopardize your chances to go hunting, protect those closest to you, and strengthen your own self-defense. Colorado law makes it impossible for anyone to possess a firearm if they are under any protection or restraining order. Unfortunately, nearly all domestic violence cases include these restraining / protection orders. While these can be lifted, either after the case is completed or dismissal, victims can attempt to secure civil protection orders. These can have a life-long negative impact on your right to possess firearms. An experienced defense lawyer is a must when it comes to protecting your second Amendment gun rights in relation to domestic violence.

Jefferson County Attorney | Self Defense and Gun Rights

Self-defense is perhaps the most referenced argument in relation to gun rights and crimes in Jefferson County. Can you use self-defense in your case? Well, possibly. One Colorado law in particular, “Make My Day,” does shift support toward a self-defense argument. This law gives homeowners who possess firearms the right to shoot, with the intent to harm, an intruder who intends to commit a crime and use physical force. Important to note however, this support for discharging your weapon starts and stops at your front door. The same use of a firearm on your deck or in your yard doesn’t receive the same support in reference to self-defense. Navigating through all of these intricacies is why you need a skilled defense attorney fighting for your rights to protect what matters.

Previous Offender’s Gun Rights in Jefferson County

When looking at the 2nd Amendment vs. Possession of a Weapon by a Previous Offender, a prior felony conviction entirely limits your right to protect yourself. While the amendment itself does not state restrictions on possessing a firearm, C.R.S. 18-12-108 makes it an additional felony to possess a gun as a means of self-defense. Simply stated, using a gun as a convicted felon, even to protect yourself, has the potential to put you in prison for several years. Informed and experienced defense attorneys are critical when it comes to protecting your rights and using firearms.

If you or someone you know is trying to navigate gun rights and the law, it is time to call Sawyer Legal Group at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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