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Denver Habitual Offender Attorney – Domestic Violence

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If you have prior felony convictions in Denver, Colorado and are arrested again, take caution. You could face a much stricter sentence for the crime you’ve been charged with because of Colorado’s habitual offender law. Trying to navigate this alone is a bad idea. You need the top rated Denver Habitual Offender Attorney fighting for you.

Arapahoe County Habitual Charges

Lawmakers in Colorado have previously cemented rules that make for steep consequences regarding habitual offenders. The expectation was that this law would scare convicted persons from committing further crimes. Unfortunately, a side effect is overcrowded jails and prisons throughout Colorado. In many cases, these convicted individuals are serving sentences that simply do not match their crimes.

Experienced Jefferson County Attorney for Habitual Offender Charges

Colorado’s habitual offender laws are difficult to navigate. If multiple felony convictions for class 1,2,3,4 or 5 exist on your record and you commit another offense, you could face several additional years in prison. Because of this complex system and severe consequences, it is important for you to hire the best Habitual Offender Lawyer in Jefferson County. We can help you fight a possible lifetime behind bars.

Domestic Violence in Adams County – Misdemeanor to Felony with Habitual Charges

One instance that is commonly seen involves those with prior misdemeanor Domestic Violence charges in Thornton, Colorado. If a man or woman is facing their fourth misdemeanor domestic violence charge, the Adams County District Attorney can chose to file charges for a class 5 felony against them as a habitual offender. This means a potential sentence behind bars due to prior crimes that may have not put anyone’s life in harm’s way. Violating a protection order with a phone call, taking your ex’s keys, and leaving a hateful message all leads up to three strikes. Once you’re here the habitual offender tag can apply.

Little Habitual vs. Big Habitual in Denver, Colorado – Attorney Perspective

The “little” and “big” habitual offender law in Colorado can be very impactful on your life. Below is a short equation that helps explain the situation:

Convicted of any felony above a class 6 + two felonies within the last ten years = habitual offender

This comes along with a mandatory prison sentence of 3x the range recommended for your recent crime. An additional felony (fourth) beyond this, regardless of class, fits under the “big habitual” statute. Here you can face 4x the prison sentence range recommended for your crime.

If you or some you know is facing charges that could deem them a Habitual Offender in Colorado, it is time to hire a skilled criminal defense attorney at Sawyer Legal Group. Time is running out and charges are mounting. Call us today at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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