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Photo of Attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group, LLC

Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Christian Criminal Defense Attorneys in Denver

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As our world fills with sometimes unbearable circumstances, many look to their faith for help navigating their lives. Whether times are good or bad, relying on God as our source of strength, wisdom, and peace can lead us closer to Him. As Criminal Defense Attorneys in Denver, Colorado, we believe that people deserve a second chance and often see clients succeed when given that opportunity. The Christian faith shares in this vision for all of us that sin, and stresses our need for salvation. On the surface, a Christian approach to criminal defense might seem to contradict itself. But, on a deeper level, it is another way that God can challenge us to serve Him via unordinary roles.

Christian Defense Lawyers in Denver, Colorado | Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Believers and non-believers call our office every day to describe their unique situation and seek council. They are greeted with kindness, respect, and above all, an attentive ear. Our experience matters when it comes to forming a defense for all of our clients. Within the Christian faith, we have a great deal of experience representing pastors, teachers, and coaches who have made poor choices along their journey. While they might face extreme circumstances due to their respected roles, we remind them to not lose hope and trust their foundation in Christ. This hope and foundation is also what motivates us to pursue the best possible outcome for those facing charges.

Christian Criminal Law Practice in Denver

Our firm is dedicated to the practice of criminal law in Denver and throughout Colorado. We represent clients facing charges across a wide spectrum, some of which include:

· Sex Offenses – Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault on a Child-Position of Trust

Sexual Exploitation of a Child, Internet Luring of a Child

· DUI / DWAI – Driving Under the Influence, Driving While Ability Impaired

· Theft Crimes – Accessory to a Crime, Complicity

This is a small snapshot of criminal charges we have experience fighting. Call today to schedule a free consultation and gain a better understanding of what you might be facing.

What do I do if I am Facing Charges? | Christian Defense Attorney Colorado

First, it is essential that you exercise your right to remain silent. Do not talk to the police under any circumstances. Any information you provide to law enforcement can be used against you and sensationalized to manufacture charges. Second, contact experienced Christian criminal defense attorneys to schedule a free consultation. We can help you navigate this difficult time, while encouraging you to stay close to God through prayer and reading scripture. Finally, trust us to handle your case with the best possible outcome for you as our top priority. Don’t lose sight of the blessings that exist in your life despite these challenging circumstances.

If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges, call Sawyer Legal Group today at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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