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Unlawful Sexual Contact Defense Lawyer in Denver

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Man in Boulder Wanted for Unlawful Sexual Contact

Last week a woman in Boulder, sleeping next to her boyfriend, was awoken by another man touching her on the outside of her underwear. According to the article, the woman’s boyfriend chased the man out of the home, and the intruder disappeared before police arrived. If caught, the man will be facing the serious charge of Unlawful Sexual Contact.

When Does Unlawful Sexual Contact Become Sexual Assault in Jefferson County?

Sexual Contact in Jefferson County involves someone touching another’s intimate parts. This also includes when the touching is over another’s clothes. Sexual Contact is considered unlawful when the person does not give, or is not able to give, their consent. If they give their consent, but it is under the influence of fear, or if the victim has been unknowingly impaired by drugs or an intoxicant, the actor can also be charged with Unlawful Sexual Contact. As soon as any sexual intrusion or sexual penetration occurs, the crime becomes Sexual Assault.

When Does Unlawful Sexual Contact in Adams County Become a Felony?

While Unlawful Sexual Contact is typically a class 1 misdemeanor, subject to modified sentencing as an extraordinary risk crime (it can have a harsher sentence than other class 1 misdemeanors), certain circumstances may result in felony charges. If it is proven that you used force, intimidation, or threat to get the person to submit to the sexual contact, the crime becomes a class 4 felony. In Adams County and throughout Colorado, a class 4 felony conviction can be punishable by 2 – 6 years in prison and a fine between $2,000 – $500,000.

Denver Defense Attorney for Unlawful Sexual Contact Charges

Jail time and high fines are not the only things you will face if convicted of Unlawful Sexual Contact in Denver. You will have to register as a sex offender and undergo sex offender treatment. As with all crimes in Colorado, you will have to serve a term of mandatory parole, and parole for sex offenders is stricter and more closely monitored than for any other criminal offense. If you are facing charges of Unlawful Sexual Contact, call 303-830-0880 today to speak with an attorney to set up a free initial consultation or to schedule a jail visit. Our lawyers are here to help protect your future.