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Drunk Man on Flight Charged with Indecent Exposure

This past summer, a Colorado man traveling from Denver to Charleston on a Frontier flight was arrested after committing numerous criminal offenses during the flight. According to the article, after drinking too much alcohol the man proceeded to grope a passenger and, after being moved to the back of the plane, proceeded to urinate on the seat in front of him. His charges include assault, interfering with a flight crew, and indecent exposure. Any of these charges can have an impact on someone’s future, and if accused it is important to have an experienced defense attorney to represent you in court.

Douglas County Definition of Indecent Exposure

In Douglas County, Jefferson County, and throughout Colorado, the definition of Indecent Exposure, C.R.S. 18-7-302 – is this:

(1) A person commits indecent exposure: (a) If he or she knowingly exposes his or her genitals to the view of any person under circumstances in which such conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm to the other person with the intent to arouse or to satisfy the sexual desire of any person; (b) If he or she knowingly performs an act of masturbation in a manner which exposes the act to the view of any person under circumstances in which such conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm to the other person.

(5) For purposes of this section, “masturbation” means the real or simulated touching, rubbing, or otherwise stimulating of a person’s own genitals or pubic area for the purpose of sexual gratification or arousal of the person, regardless of whether the genitals or pubic area is exposed or covered.

Penalty for Indecent Exposure in Arapahoe County

In Arapahoe County, Indecent Exposure is a “class 6 felony if the violation is committed subsequent to two prior convictions of a violation of this section or of a violation of a comparable offense in any other state or in the United States, or of a violation of a comparable municipal ordinance.” Without prior convictions, Indecent Exposure is a class 1 misdemeanor. If convicted of a class 1 misdemeanor you will be facing between 6 and 18 months in jail and/or a fine between $500 and $5,000.

Adams County Lawyer for Indecent Exposure Charges

If you were caught urinating in public, participating in a dare, streaking, sunbathing in the nude, and are facing Indecent Exposure charges as a result, our lawyers are here to help. If contacted by police in Adams County, be smart, exercise your right to remain silent and call us at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.