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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.


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1. Good Lawyers Are Not Cheap, but Cheap Lawyers Are Expensive in Denver, Colorado:

With Driving Under the Influence charges (DUI / DWAI), cheap lawyers in Denver have a mindset which relates to having a large volume of clients. They want many cases, provide little care for the client, and charge low fees. They want to get your payment, quickly plea bargain the case, and move on to the next client. I’ve even seen these lawyers promise to get someone off without seeing any evidence. Cheap lawyers can also use unethical methods to obtain clients. The retain people like bail bondsmen, car impound workers, EMT personnel, or police to solicit you. A lawyer who pays people to recommend them is a violation of the Colorado Rule of Professional Conduct. Good lawyers work for client referrals by providing quality service. As a result, they are referred more business. They take the necessary time to work a case and know that justice takes time. A lawyer needs to invest time reviewing and investigating your case, collecting videos, gathering police reports, ordering medical records and obtaining witness statements. Denver area prosecutors know DUI / DWAI lawyers who come prepared to court and conduct trials with professionalism. They also know lawyers who give up a conviction in order to avoid working too much on a case. In the end, trying to save a few hundred dollars on your lawyer fee can cost you much more.

2. Police Can’t Stop or Pull You Over Just to Check You Out in Jefferson County:

A Colorado police officer in Jefferson or Adams County must have a legal reason to pull you over for Driving Under the Influence or any other traffic crime. This is called “reasonable suspicion of criminal activity”. Then, to make an arrest, they must have probable cause to arrest you. In the case of drinking and driving, probable cause is based on your driving and observations of the officer once he pulls you over. Limit your interactions with the officer by only rolling your window down a few inches and by staying in your car. Be polite and have your insurance and registration ready to hand the officer. Don’t agree to perform voluntary roadsides or to give a Portable Breath Test sample at the roadside.

3. Refusing a Blood or Breath Test in Arapahoe County is a Big Deal:

Colorado’s Express Consent law requires you to take the test if you drive in Colorado and have been arrested. Everyone who drives in Centennial, Englewood, or Greenwood Village, Colorado does so under the agreement that they will submit to a breath or blood test following their arrest for DUI / DWAI. You will automatically lose your privilege to drive in Colorado for a full year if you refuse to take a blood or breath test. Refusal is a bad idea in Arapahoe County in your Driving Under the Influence Case.

Denver Lawyer for DUI / DWAI Charges

When stopped, always limit your contact with an officer and exercise your right to remain silent. If arrested, call our experienced DUI / DWAI attorneys at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.