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Harassment Charges in Adams County, Colorado

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Adams County Colorado Lawyer for Harassment charges C.R.S. 18-9-111

Harassment charges in Adams County can happen to anyone at some point in their lives. A practicing criminal lawyer in Adams County Colorado should advise you that a person can be charged for striking, pushing, kicking, or even spitting at another person. Perhaps your loved one was alleged to have used some inappropriate language directed at another person in a public place. Or, maybe they are being charged with Harassment for repeatedly called another person after they were told to stop. Any of these scenarios could be potentially charged as Harassment by the Brighton Police Department.

Domestic Violence Attorney for Harassment in Commerce City, Colorado: Do I Need One?

A criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with the District Attorney’s office in Adams County can help your spouse fight charges of Domestic Violence Harassment in Westminster, Colorado. While all attorneys may be licensed to practice law, a criminal defense attorney who handles cases in Adams County with regularity will know how best to help you and your family. That lawyer will know what a good outcome is, how to get the best results in a jury trial, and what are the greatest chances you have to beat any false allegations. Fights happen in marriages. But the Adams County Sheriff’s Department wants to try and make all fights criminal in nature. We want to help you fight back.

False Allegations of Harassment: Punishment Could Involve Jail Time and Fines

People who are charged with Harassment in Adams County often wonder how much jail time in the Adams County Detention Facility they might be facing. Criminal defense lawyers in Adams County are also often asked what the potential fines could be. In the majority of cases, a Harassment summons has a maximum punishment of up to 6 months in jail and a $750.00 fine. Harassment could also involve hate crimes. Those specific cases face a higher degree of time in jail and more financial punishment through additional fines.

Thornton, Colorado Criminal Attorneys Are Here to Help You

Getting legal help for your Harassment case in Thornton, Colorado is easy; just call our law office immediately. Our defense lawyers have handled many cases in cities all across Adams County and are dedicated to giving you the best representation. Our attorneys will bring all of their years of experience to defend you and fight the overreaching government. If you, or a loved one, are facing charges of Harassment in Adams County, Colorado, remember to remain silent and contact Sawyer Legal Group at 303-731-0719 to speak immediately with one of our attorneys. Together, we can protect your future.

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