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Child Contact Assessment in Douglas County – Sexual Assault on a Child Cases

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Child Contact Assessment in Douglas County

A Child Contact Assessment (formerly called a “Parental Risk Assessment”), is required before a Sexual Assault on a Child sex offender is permitted to have any contact with children, usually their own. The CCA involves assessing the offender’s attachment style, empathy, abililty for family stability, their parenting involvement/skills, general stability, non-sexual criminal risk, mental/emotional health, arousal to/sexual interest in minor children, historical sexual behaviors, cognitive distortions, and responsibility and level of denial. It seems crazy to think that a stranger assesing all of these things has the power to keep you from your family, especially since it is usually assumed that Sex Offenders have an irreparable character flaw. This belief is taken to the extreme and often becomes an excuse to victimize families. Therapists and probation officers are quick to shift blame for their secondary victimization of an offender’s children back to the offender.

Jefferson County Sexual Assault on a Child Conviction

Those convicted of sex crimes like Sexual Assault on a Child sometimes find that court orders conflict with Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB) guidelines and therapist’s attitudes. For example, a judge may rule the offender is permitted contact with his own children. This happens when a judge uses a common sense approach and is acknowledges that the victim in a case is not the defendant’s own child, or that the “child” was a police officer pretending to be a child in an internet sting case (like those in Jefferson County). Therapists often want to use child contact as a tool to force compliance in other areas.

Sex Offender Management Board Rules Are Strict in Adams County

When a judge permits an offender telephone contact with his son after a positive Child Contact Assessment is completed, the therapist may feel her authority is being threatened. Sex Offender Management Board rules provide ways for the therapist to make the authorized contact more difficult, by putting heavy restrictions on the contact. For instance, a therapist may tell the Adams County offender she is permitted telephone contact but the conversation must be recorded, or the location and duration of the call is oppressively restricted.

Sex Offender Treatment in Arapahoe County

Sex Offender treatment is one of the most difficult and oppressive punishments passed down by the legislature, and it is a big reason why people charged with sex crimes in Arapahoe County, Colorado see no option but to fight these kind of charges at all cost. Completing a Child Contact Assessment is one way to reduce the harm caused to an accused person’s children.

Denver Sexual Assault on a Child Lawyer

If you are charged with a sex offense like Sexual Assault on a Child, Internet Luring or Enticement of a Child in Denver, Colorado, be smart. Exercise your right to remain silent, and call our sexual offense lawyers at 303-731-0719. Together we can protect your future.